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Poplar Road Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Poplar Road opened in 1960 and was later expanded to include a new library. It is located off Poplar Road on Dearham Wood which is situated in the Guildwood community.

Poplar Road is committed to educating every child in our care by providing the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to become capable and concerned participants in Canadian society.

The school serves 220 children from Kindergarten to Grade 6. A daycare centre is housed within the school building.
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Intensive Support Special Education Program

Poplar Road School offers Primary and Junior Special Education programs for Developmentally Delayed Students.

More Information About Poplar Road Junior Public School

Extensive Co-Curricular Program

Poplar Road School offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities. Folkdancing, Music (Band, Strings and Choir), visiting Artists (Prologue to the Performing Arts), House League Volleyball, Sports Teams (Baseball, Basketball, Borden Ball, Cross Country, Skiing, Soccer and Track and Field). In addition, students will take part in a variety of clubs.

Technology Demonstration School

Poplar Road School is a demonstration school for Promethean and Smart Board technology. We continue to upgrade and improve technology programs for our students.

Character Education

We continue to implement the elements of Character Education in all of our curriculum areas. Quiet Appreciation Assemblies not only showcase student work but also encourage respect.

Additional Features

  • TDSB Smarter Science Program
  • Robotics Team

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at Poplar Road School participate in regular instructional programs such as Languages (English and French), Mathematics, Science and Technology, Arts - Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance and Social Studies, Health and Physical Educations. In addition, a variety of special education programs and services are offered to meet the needs of all students, including students with exceptionalities. Our students life's are enriched through arts programs (Folkdancing, Drama, Music, Live Productions and Performances from visiting artist). Students can get involved in houseleague and a variety of sports teams.  We offer a number of clubs (Kindness Club, Girls Book Club, Environment Club). Also student are exposed to local and global issues and causes through a variety of events such as Jump Rope for Heart and Terry Fox Run.  Our students attend outdoor education schools( Hillside and Kearney). Our students develop social skills (Character Education) needed to create a safe and caring learning environment. We continue to teach our students Promethean and Smart Board technology.  


A caring active staff, keen students and supportive parents and community have help make Poplar Road an excellent school.


Use of community resources, e.g., Heron Park Community Centre, Guildwood Public Library - use of training programs: Red Cross and St. John Ambulance - work with agencies for fundraising and clothing/food drives (ie. West Hill Community Services) - support of charities such as Cancer Society, Humane Society and Christmas Wish Foundations, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Metro Zoo, Foster Child Program, Unicef, Metro Zoo, Terry Fox Foundation - - - - - - - We value and appreciate parental input, enthusiasm and support. We have: - an active School Council - parent volunteers who provide important support to our program by assisting in the school library, classrooms, and special programs, driving to games and increasing adult supervision during field trips - Strawberry Festival (annual event organized by parents every June since 1962 that draws people from all over the community) - - - - - -