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Percy Williams Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Percy Williams Junior provides an exemplary, student-centered curriculum for our students and nurtures the personal, social and intellectual growth of each student. We strongly believe in balancing high expectations in academics with diverse opportunities and links to our community. The school opened in 1982, and is named after Percy Alfred Williams, a Canadian sprinter who won two gold medals at the Olympics in Amsterdam.

Each student is offered a quality educational program to meet individual needs, plus extra-curricular activities, school band, choirs, house league sports, various clubs and inter-school sports. Percy Williams Junior is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, inclusive and respectful environment .

Diverse Opportunities

At Percy Williams, there are opportunities which serve to enhance student learning.  These opportunities include out-of-classroom excursions, presentations at the school, interest clubs, and special school events.  The purpose of offering such a range of opportunities allows a child to find activities which complement his or her learning and to discover new interests and strengths.

More Information About Percy Williams Junior Public School


At Percy Williams, we believe that a school should be the hub of a community.  Our evening program partners include Scouts Canada, Parks and Recreation Basketball, and International Languages (Tamil and Cantonese).  We participate regularly in community cleanups and take pride in our partnerships with State Street and Richmond Park Community Association. 

Student Life - Where You Belong


We offer many opportunities beyond the classroom to enhance your educational experience at Percy Williams.  We are very proud of our diverse variety of teams, clubs, and excursions.  In athletics, we offer team and house league opportunities in cross-country, indoor soccer, volleyball, floor hockey, and basketball.  In clubs, we offer lunch hour and after school opportunities in board games, math games, cooking,  environment, library,  band, Silver Birch, egg painting, and track.  In student leadership, we offer opportunities with our Student Leadership Team, office helpers, Safety Patrollers, and Kindergarten Helpers.  There are concert performances, play days, Winter Olympics, assemblies, and other events throughout the year. 


We strive to develop a high degree of pride in our school.  Through our student achievements, caring staff, supportive parents, and partners throughout the community, we proudly showcase our pride through displays, assemblies and videos.  We focus on continuous improvement in learning, safety, opportunities, and parent and community outreach.  One example is our morning Kiss and Drop which allows parents to drop off their children in front of the school with improved safety for students and drivers. 


The parents of Percy Williams are actively involved with our School Council, Fun Fair, Kiss and Drop safety program, and as volunteers throughout the school.  Our school is partnered with Scouts Canada, Toronto Parks and Recreation Basketball, and International Languages (Cantonese and Tamil) to provide evening learning programs for our community.  Percy Williams is proud of its longstanding community connections and continues to develop new ones.