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Pauline Johnson Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Pauline Johnson Junior Public School, named after the poet and entertainer Emily Pauline Johnson, opened in 1969.  We are part of a tri-school campus which includes John Buchan Senior Public School and Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute.  
Located in the Birchmount/Sheppard area, we presently serve over 290 students.  We offer regular programs from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.
Our students come from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Approximately sixty-eight percent of our students speak a language other than English at home, while seventy-six percent of our students were born in Canada.

Diversity is our greatest asset and we are continually examining ways to capitalize on this virtue.  We've enjoyed many incredible culturally-focused events such as Lunar New Year celebrations, Black History Month festivities, and spring Cultural Evenings showcasing student talent and food from around the world.
Our school's focus is literacy and numeracy in a kind and caring environment.  In this school year, we are particularly focused on mathematics.  We are proud to have achieved a Gold rating as an EcoSchool and take our commitment to our planet very seriously.
The school accommodates a YMCA childcare program which provides before- and after-school care for children attending Pauline Johnson Jr. P.S.

Model Schools For Inner Cities

Pauline Johnson is part of the "Model Schools for Inner Cities" initiative.  TDSB provides additional resources to support five essential components of creating an effective school:  Innovative Teaching & Learning; Support Services for Social, Emotional, and Physical Well-Being ; School as the Heart of the Community; Research, Review, and Evaluation Programs, and; A Commitment to Share Successful Practice.
We are committed to providing experiential and culturally relevant learning activities with a balance of traditional learning as we focus on closing the achievement gap for PJ students .

More Information About Pauline Johnson Junior Public School

Nutrition Programme

Proper nutrition is critical to supporting student learning.  Every student at Pauline Johnson is offered a morning meal - consisting of three food groups, every day. In addition to provincial and municipal funding, parents are asked to contribute five dollars each month to support this essential programme.


At Pauline Johnson our Code of Conduct is based on the four Tribes Agreements:  Mutual Respect; Attentative Listening; Participation, and; Appreciation.  We have high expectations of our students to always demonstrate the positive behaviour identified in our Code of Conduct.  We live by Aesop's wise words, "No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."

PJ Builds Character

There is a positive character trait we highlight each month and an Awards Assembly where we recognize students from each class who best demonstrate the character trait of the month.
This year, we are also focussed on supporting students to develop skills in the area of self-regulation.  Ask one of the teachers about this interesting professional learning.

Terry Fox Walk

Every September, Pauline Johnson laces up to walk around our community and honour the legacy of Terry Fox.  We set a fundraising goal each year so we have something to contribute to the fight against cancer.  This year we surpassed our fundraising goal, so one teacher dyed his beard yellow and two teachers and the principal dyed their hair purple or pink!

Additional Features

  • Run & Read Programme on Wednesdays
  • After School Programming - ACSA
  • YMCA Childcare
  • Roots of Empathy in select classes
  • Scientists in the Schools
  • Prologue Performances
  • Trips: Science Centre, YPT, & ROM
  • Structures to Lego Robotics

Student Life - Where You Belong


I am really glad that I am a student of Pauline Johnson Jr. School. We learn so much in our classes, which can help us when we get older. Our teachers help us a lot! They are really kind and patient with us, and take the time to help us with other needs. We also have a wonderful Principal. She is funny and takes really good care of our school. Our office staff are very loving towards the students and are always willing to help. In our class we have over ten different cultures. We respect everyone despite of our differences. I like all my classmates and friends. In Pauline Johnson, there is a lot of care and support. The teachers and the staff treat us very well. We have a wonderful library at school. It has a lot of interesting books. We also have a lot of clubs and teams. To name a few we have an exercise club, athletic club, crafting club, environment club, sewing club and still many more. We all look forward to our nutrition programme every morning. We get yummy, healthy snacks like raisin bread, yoghurt, fruit, milk etc. I am proud to be part of Pauline Johnson. Three cheers for PJ!!!!!!!

S.T. (Grade 5 student)


I think Pauline Johnson is awesome. There are so many events and clubs going on in our school. We have many sports teams such as Boys' and Girls' Basketball, Volleyball, and Skipping team. In reading we have Forest of Reading and a reading team. Students can take on other responsibilities such as Kindergarten Helpers or the Morning Announcement Team. I like doing the morning announcements.  I also like being the library helper because I enjoy organizing things. Some other events that we enjoy are the scholastic book fair, track and field and music concerts. I love the Scholastic Book Fair because books are cool and interesting and I love to read.
Pauline Johnson does a lot of fundraising that goes to people who need it.We've done fundraising for the Terry Fox Foundation. 
N.A (Grade 6 student)


We truly believe that it takes a community to raise a child. Our School Council meets at least four times per year in support of school programming and events.  Family Yoga Classes give parents and students the opportunity to exercise in a fun and safe environment. Our Cultural Night each spring is an event to celebrate the rich diversity that sets our school apart.
Our Community Support Worker (MSIC)  and settlement workers we can call on offer support to families - to engage more fully in school life and also to support those new to the country, with issues such as Immigration, Employment, Family Benefits, Education, Health, and Housing. Through our dedicated Nutrition Co-ordinator and our network of parent volunteers we are able to offer a strong nutrition programme.