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Norman Cook Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Norman Cook Junior Public School was opened in 1953 and was named after Norman Cook,  a prominent early settler of Scarborough,  who served as a school trustee from 1931-1943.  Our school is located in a busy city area known as "Scarborough Junction".  The school population is drawn from a mixed socio-economic population with diverse backgrounds. A significant number of out of area students attend Norman Cook school because of the on-site daycare facilities and the small school atmosphere.  We serve the needs of approximately 150 Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 students. 


Model Schools for Inner Cities

The 5 Essential Components of a Model School
1)Innovative teaching and learning practices
2)Support Services to meet social, emotional and physical well being of students
3)School as the heart of the community
4)Research, review and evaluation of students and programs
5)Commitment to share successful practice

More Information About Norman Cook Junior Public School

Future Aces

Norman Cook is a Future Aces school.  The Future Aces philosophy is based on the belief that positive attention contributes to and reinforces a person's self-esteem. The Future Aces Creed helps students learn how to resolve their differences peaceably, contributing to a nurturing, positive, respectful and safe environment in which to learn.


Norman Cook believes that all students should participate actively in physical activity.  Our houseleague system ensures that there are many opportunities for students to participate in a non-competitive and cooperative way.  Each month, students are involved in a different team sport. The emphasis of our houseleague is on teamwork and good sportsmanship. 

Junior Band

Our grade 5 and 6 students are learning to play a variety of instruments in a school band.  With the help of the band itinerant and the classroom teacher, they develop the skills to play at assemblies and concerts. 

Primary Orff

The primary students are learning how to play orff instruments.  With the help of the Orff itinerant and the classroom teacher, they are learning to play the xylophone, metalophone, glockenspeil and a variety of drums and shakers.  The students display their skills by playing at assemblies and concerts.

Additional Features

  • Scientists in the School
  • Reading Buddies
  • Silver Birch Book Club
  • Holiday Food Drive
  • Norman Cook Ambassadors

Student Life - Where You Belong


Norman Cook Junior Public School is a small community school.  Norman Cook Jr. P.S. is a Future Aces school which means that students are recognized for positive behaviour and for following the Future Aces Creed.  Each Friday there are Mini Alerts where students read a special recognition they have received over the announcements.  Each month students are recognized at a Future Aces Assembly for displaying the creed that is featured for that month.  Students are also given many opportunities to develop leadership skills.  This is done through their participation as office helpers, lunchroom helpers, student announcers and library helpers.  The small family feeling of the school enables students to feel confident and display positive behaviours which in turn build on positive self-esteem.


Co-operation and mutual respect among staff and students create a positive learning environment.  Teachers are committed to emphasizing academic excellence and providing a varied co-curricular program.
Norman Cook is part of the Model Schools for Inner Cities initiative.  This is a very special program that looks at the school as the heart of the community.  Through Model Schools we have access to a variety of programs that benefit our students, parents and community.
We are also a Future Aces school.  The Future Aces Creed helps students learn how to resolve their differences peaceably contributing to a positive, respectful and safe environment in which to learn.
Our school plan recognizes the range of learners who attend Norman Cook and includes strategies to ensure that there is a culture of high expectations for all students.  In addition, all students are provided with support whenever needed to ensure that their goals are met.  As a learning community, the students, staff and parents benefit from a learning environment that respects and values diversity.


Collaboration with community agencies:  Toronto Community Living, Metro Toronto Police Liaison Officer, Surrey Place, Aisling Discoveries, Community Care Access Centre, Toronto Public Library.
Co-ordinate Grade 6 visits to Robert Service Sr. P.S.
Teacher Candidate Placements - OISE University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, Niagara University
Child and Youth Worker Student Placements - Centennial College
ECE Placements through Seneca College and Centennial College.
Norman Cook School Council - Active School Council with many involved members School-community events (BBQ, Read-a-thon, Pizza lunches, Fundraising events) Parent volunteers at school (classroom, excursions, library)
In school daycare:  Today's Child Tomorrow's Future