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Maryvale Public School's Mission Statement

Maryvale Public School opened in 1955 and was built close to the original farm of the William Sylvester family who emigrated from Wexford, Ireland. At a later date, the William Gooderham family purchased the land and subsequently "Maryvale Farms" was acquired by the late Senator Frank O'Connor.
The school serves approximately 270 students. A YMCA daycare, which accommodates children from ages 2 to 10, is housed in the building.

At Maryvale Public School, parents, students, teachers, support staff and the community are committed to providing a well balanced experience for all students. We value this partnership and its importance in creating a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, positive and respectful.

Character Education

Character attribute education encourages students to set high standards for behaviour, to make decisions that are personally empowering and to create quality relationships. At Maryvale we focus on one character trait per month. Students and staff work together to discuss and model each attribute. Students are recognized at monthly assemblies for exemplifying each trait.

More Information About Maryvale Public School

Co-Curricular Activities

Maryvale students are fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in many activities outside of their classrooms. Thanks to the enthusiasm and expertise of their teachers, students can join a variety of clubs and activities.   Come out and join in the fun! 

Special Education

Our Special Education program is an important feature at Maryvale. In addition to supporting a wide variety of students in our Home School class, we are host to three Intensive Support Programs that service students from grade 1-8. These students greatly enrich our school life through integration which helps all students develop greater understanding and leadership.

Student Life - Where You Belong


Ecoschools fosters leadership and teamwork, improves student achievement, and contributes to a healthy and caring school community.  Our team, made up of teachers, support staff, students and community members is leading initiatives to work on reducing impact (energy conservation, waste minimization, school greening), developing ecological literacy, and building a healthy Maryvale community.


Maryvale believes that all students can learn and the school works hard to consistently display this value.  Allowing everyone varied opportunities to experience and grow in academics, athletics, the arts and social interaction is a key to our success.  Staff, parents and the community work together to provide a rich and balanced school life that benefits all.  Maryvale is a true community school and a hub of activity.