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Manhattan Park Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Manhattan Park Junior Public School opened in 1956. The school received its name from the adjoining park located near the centre of the community it serves. In an era when most schools went up to Grade 8, the school originally opened as a Junior School with Kindergarten to Grade 5. Grade 6 was added in the late 1960s.
Manhattan Park is a school with an enrolment of close to 125 students. In addition there are also two Intensive Support Programs:  a Primary Diagnostic Kindergarten and a Primary Developmental Disability Class. 

The school is in an established community with older homes.  Several of the community went to Manhattan Park as a child and later returned to their family home or purchased another home in the neighbourhood.  Their children now attend our school.

Student Success

At Manhattan Park we work hard to achieve ongoing and higher levels of student success. Over the past number of years, our teachers have spent time analyzing our school data (e.g., EQAO results, etc.) and have identified key areas in which to focus instruction. We work regularly with our Manhattan Park colleagues and have also planned and learned with teachers from nearby schools to examine our teaching and ensure we are using practices that are the most effective.  We are pleased that recent assessments indicate that our students' skills continue to improve!

More Information About Manhattan Park Junior Public School

Recognition Assemblies

At Monthly Assemblies which honour Character Traits or another admirable trait, students are recognized and presented with a Certificate in front of peers and invited family.  These assemblies often feature student presentations as well. In addition, students are honoured for having demonstrated Acts of Kindness, which are documented on a Kindness Tree.

Music Programs

Our school has a long history of an outstanding music program. A specialist teacher offers rich vocal music classes to all students. In addition, many Junior grade students belong to the Instrumental Band.

Special Education Programs

Special Education is an important part of our school.  In addition to supporting a wide variety of students in our Resource class, we  are proud to host two Intensive Support Programs:  a Diagnostic Kindergarten, and a Developmental Disabled class for students in Grades 1 to 3.  These students greatly enrich our school, helping us to be inclusive and support all.

Co-Curricular Programs

Our students have many opportunities to become involved in activities outside of the classroom. Interschool Sports include Volleyball, Bordenball, the Brock Gordon Cross Country Meet, and Track and Field. Clubs range from Running to Primary Boys' Reading. At Manhattan Park we try to provide co-curricular opportunities for everyone!

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Manhattan Park student leadership is encouraged.  Some of the ways students develop these attributes are by reading morning announcements over the P.A., working as helpers in Kindergarten and in our Special Education classrooms, organizing and collecting all of our recycling, answering telephones.  The Grade Six students participate in the Safe and Caring Schools Committee.
Students learn social responsibility by participating in fundraising activities for causes such as Terry Fox and community "donation drives". They also participate in activities that help keep our school grounds, which are adjacent to the parkland, clean and safe of hazards.


Manhattan Park is renowned for its warm and caring environment. With a compact physical space and a small student body, all of the staff know each student, and most children know all of their peers.  This level of personal contact gives the school a "family" atmosphere, helping children to feel valued and safe.
We are also honoured that a number of "alumnae" have chosen to return to our community in order to educate their children in this building. We value that trust and esteem!


Manhattan Park's School Council has 10 - 15 active members.   School Council organizes regular Pizza Lunches for the student body and also offers social events such as Movie Nights.  School Council is involved in various fund raising activities, using the funds to subsidize school trips and guest performances for the student body.   
Parent and community volunteers also assist in school programs in kindergarten, in special education classes, in regular classrooms, on excursions, and in the care and maintenance of our school gardens.