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Malvern Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Malvern Junior Public School is not just a school. It is a thriving atmosphere of staff, students, parents and community members all working together to ensure all our students learn, progress and achieve to their utmost potential with an emphasis on high levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy. Our teachers strive to create and facilitate authentic learning experiences, inquiry based learning and experiential learning opportunities. The whole child is always taken into consideration, with Character Education and mental health and wellness being a key priority.

 We pride ourselves on putting our students first. Our focus on character development ensures that all individuals are treated with respect and know that they are expected to act in a responsible, kind, and caring manner. Integrity, co-operation, honesty, and fairness are key elements to success at Malvern.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Teachers at Malvern Junior are developing a keen focus on improving their students’ achievement in STEM and are receiving on-going professional development and work closely with grade team members to ensure student success. We aim for all students to improve their ability to demonstrate their mathematical thinking in multi-step problem solving. Inquiry based learning becomes a key component in exploring and understanding Science and Social Studies strands and identifying and connecting Big Ideas to their world.

Our Grade 5 and 6 students are offered participation a STEM and robotics, which is an exciting and engaging way to introduce students to robotics. Students partake cooperatively in math, science, and technology activities as they build, create, and program their individual robots.

More Information About Malvern Junior Public School

Student Sucess

Malvern prides itself on a family atmosphere. We care for all those in the building and strive to ensure the safety and well-being for all. We have an open door policy and are available to meet the needs of our students and their families.
The Malvern Community Centre supports the After School Program from 3:30-5:30 daily  for students in grades one through four.

Through timely and tiered interventions, supported by a team approach and with the availability of TDSB Support Services, Malvern Junior is able to respond to individual student needs. With dedicated classroom teaching, collaborating, and the expertise of resource personnel, our students will all have opportunities for progress to achieve their set targets.

Community Parterships

“When parents are engaged and involved, everyone benefits, and our schools become increasingly rich and positive places to teach, learn, and grow.” (Supporting the Ontario Leadership Strategy, 2012) This is truly a belief at Malvern.

We are committed to creating a collaborative and inclusive school culture and provide many provide our community with many opportunities and services to achieve this goal. Some of our community partnerships include:
· School Council
· Toronto Police Services
· Student Success Foundation
· Parent volunteers
· Malvern Family Resource Centre
-Public Health Nurses
· Settlement and Education Partnerships in Toronto

Student Support

At Malvern Junior, we work with TDSB and community partners to support all of our students' academic, social and emotional needs. Wellness leads to realizing one's full potential!

Additional Programs

We also offer numerous programs to enhance student life and experiences. Among our many offerings are:
· ECO Club
· Outdoor Education
· Junior Band
· Student Ambassadors
· Folk Dancing
· Sports
· Computer Club

Malvern is committed to creating a collaborative and inclusive school culture. Our vision is one of “community learners”. Our focus is on the academic, emotional, social and physical development of all students.
We strive to ensure the warm, caring and inviting climate is permeated throughout the school. In this inclusive atmosphere, our students are engaged in their learning and are successful.

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Malvern Jr., our students have many chances to shine, from student assemblies to the opportunities to participate in a variety of extracurricular offerings; from clubs to music to athletics. Our Malvern Knights teams are involved in soccer, volleyball, cross country, track and field and house league. We participate in folk dance and walkathons. Many of our students also show leadership through involvement in safety patrol program and EcoSchools initiatives.
The students and staff are leading the way toward a much more environmentally friendly school community. Two student representatives from each class have joined to our EcoSchools committee. Once a week the students are meeting with EcoSchools lead teachers to discuss environmental issues. The students take their learning into their classroom and promote green and healthy living. They take on initiatives to reduce garbage at the school, bring litterless lunches every day, only pack their lunches in recyclable lunch containers, turn the lights off when the classroom is not use and use both sides of their papers. Through these various initiatives we create a better future for our young generation.


Malvern Jr. is committed to enriching the lives of our students. We offer a family fall barbeque, pizza lunches, author visits, musical presentations, Scientists in the School, Learning through Drama, Outdoor Education, Safety Awareness and class trips.  We have an active School Council with whom we have organized many workshops to support our parent community and enhance student learning.
Together staff and School Council have organized many fundraising events to support classroom trips, Scientist in the School programs.
We have also hosted different events for our parent community to access resources and programs available in the Malvern area and in doing so have created a relationship of camaraderie. Working together with our parents allows us to strengthen our ties, and build positive relationships to improve students' achievement.
We also partnered with University of Toronto's From 3 to 3 research project to foster the development of oral language and social reasoning skills with kindergarten students.


At Malvern, we have many public library class visits, Scientist in the School and zoo staff to support and extend students' learning.
A school community liaison officer delivers street proofing, anti-bullying and fire safety programs.