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Joseph Brant Public School's Mission Statement

Joseph Brant P.S. originally opened in 1969 as a Senior School. The school is named in honour of Brant, the prominent Mohawk chief.  Located in the heart of West Hill, the school is surrounded by stable, mature neighbourhoods with a variety of housing, park land, a modern multi-use recreation facility and a new community library nearby. 2012-13 is our first year as a K-8 school. As a result of a recent Accommodation Review Committee in this area, two former feeder schools (Peter Secor Jr. and Heron Park Jr.) were closed and a major addition of Kindergartens and primary classrooms were built. From these different schools we all have blended together to work well in harmony, in a peaceful, cooperative and respectful learning environment.

The staff and students at Joseph Brant Public School are dedicated to promoting excellence in academics, the arts and athletics. Dedication to this excellence is guided by our goal to create opportunities for all members of our school to develop mutual respect for and an understanding of self and others in all environments. The commitment to excellence is a proud Brant tradition. Over the years our students and staff have earned recognition for notable school accomplishments. The guiding policy at Brant is that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect as they live and learn in this public school . This also applies to our building and all school materials and possessions, as well as those of others. 


The inclusion of technology and its regular use by students is an important element of learning here at Brant. The combination of three schools in to one means that the most current technology, including PCs, laptops and Smartboards migrated in to Brant. The school is Wi Fi capable.  We continue to examine our technology needs and are awaiting the arrival of our second laptop cart with 30 HP laptops for class use. Interactive SmartBoards are featured in all three divisions and some are portable, allowing them to be moved about as need dictates. Our intermediate students continue to use our fully equipped wood shop and food preparation room.

More Information About Joseph Brant Public School


Our goal is to promote literacy across the curriculum. We are committed to supporting our ESL learners through intensive support, and when appropriate, integration in full English speaking classes.  We will strive to concentrate on literacy instruction through an examination of curriculum standards and exemplars and through the cooperative planning of teaching units.


Improvement of student achievement in all math strands is a daily objective. Teachers engage their students in a variety of tasks and activities to assist in skill development, knowledge and problem solving. Use of a variety of teaching tools such as manipulatives, calculators, computers and cooperative learning strategies and three part lessons are essential elements.

Personal and Social Responsibility

Our school strives to teach more than just the basics in terms of literacy and numeracy.  Modern, 21st century education features a commitment to personal and social responsibility. We actively promote a positive learning environment through awareness and application of equitable practices.  Student Leadership, Eco Club, and Me to We groups support such efforts.

Partnerships With the Community

We are proud to partner with our local businesses for support of our daily snack program, and with our local police station and  industries to support safe and caring schools initiatives.  Our community volunteers give freely of their time and energies to assist with our daily snack program; without their efforts the preparation of nutritious snacks would not be possible. 

Additional Features

  • Full Day Kindergarten (4)
  • Comprehensive Special Education
  • Double gymnasium
  • Well equipped school library
  • Computer Lab
  • Recognition Assemblies
  • Itinerant Music Instructor Program
  • Restorative Practices

Student Life - Where You Belong


Joseph Brant Public School nurtures an environment that promotes academics, the arts and athletics. The daily focus is on teaching and learning in a safe, secure and supportive environment.  Students are encouraged to apply themselves to the task at hand and support each other in their learning. Opportunities for individual support exist for all students.  Our strong Special Education focus allows students to be brought forth for supports where and when needed. An expansive extra curricular program of clubs and activities allows students to participate in activities they enjoy.  Our instrumental music program will feature bands and groups at different ages (divisions).  Our athletics program will include a wide variety of inter-school competitive teams that will participate in activities such as cross country, track and field, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, badminton and soccer. Outside of these activities there are student leadership opportunities involving student council, "Go Girls" and Me to We and the Eco Club. At the end of the school day, students may also wish to sign up and participate in the Boys and Girls Club or the Beyond 3:30 program.


Combining three schools in to one cohesive learning environment has been quite a challenge! A period of adjustment occurred after we opened as a large K-8 school in September 2012 and students, staff and parents have adjusted well.  They understand and follow the routines and procedures of the new school. Our students love their new school and are thrilled that many of their former teachers from Peter Secor and Heron Park PS have moved over to Brant with them. The sheer size of our school (650+ students) means that there are multiple classes at each grade.  This allows staff to benefit from working alongside other teachers who teach the same grade. The combining of three schools in to one also meant the pooling of material resources such as technology, learning resources and a wealth of equipment for a high quality physical and health education program. A large teaching staff also allows for staff to co-teach and co-coach extra curricular activities from primary to intermediate division. 


Several Board and community resources/organizations have close ties to Brant. We are involved with the Community Awareness Emergengy Response group (industries south of the school). Our School Council meets regularly on a bi-monthly or on an as needs basis. Meetings are advertised in advance and are open to the public. The Council contributes valuable input regarding school-related matters and educational issues.  Joseph Brant has an open door policy in regards to the welcoming of parent/guardians and visitors.  In order to comply with our commitment to provide a safe, secure and supportive learning environment, we respectfully request that all visitors check in at the office on their arrival before entering the teaching areas of the school. Please use the front door of the school to access the office.