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Joseph Howe Senior Public School's Mission Statement

Joseph Howe is named after a 19th century political leader in Nova Scotia and first opened for classes in 1977.
Joseph Howe provides a safe and secure environment where all students have the opportunity to develop their academic, social, artistic and physical skills to the best of their ability while interacting with a challenging and varied curriculum. 
We continue to encourage our students to be "well rounded" individuals and take advantage of the numerous opportunities our talented staff provides.
Monthly newsletters are posted on line and hard copies are provided when requested.  Six to eight School Council meetings are the norm each year where we discuss how the council can support the Joseph Howe staff and students.

Safe and Caring Culture

In September, every student may purchase a Student Agenda which contains our Code of Behaviour. Students are expected to have their agendas in class on a daily basis. Teachers also review the appropriate school and Toronto District School Board policies with their classes. Our school enthusiastically supports the TDSB policies on Safe Schools, and Bullying and Harassment. Joseph Howe also participates in the Empowered Student Partnerships program.



More Information About Joseph Howe Senior Public School

Committed Staff

We have a very experienced and talented staff. Many of our teachers have personal interests, hobbies, and talents, which they use to help enrich our extensive co-curricular program. Our teachers continue to be committed to their professional development and work tirelessly to meet the needs of our students before and after school and often during their lunch hour.

Communication through Technology

Joseph Howe has a webpage where parents and guardians have access to information about the school. Using the website parents/ guardians may communicate with staff, check daily homework, and view dates for assignments and tests. Newsletters and School Community Council minutes are posted on the website.  More information will be posted as we grow in this area.

Role of the Homeroom Teacher

Joseph Howe operates on a rotary system, where subjects are taught by different teachers. In addition to their teaching responsibilities, the homeroom teacher is the link between students, parents, and the school. Joseph Howe also has an Itinerant Guidance Counsellor available each afternoon and all day Friday to assist students with planning for high school.

Updated Resources

Classroom and library resources are updated on a regular basis. This year we have focused on major revisions to our library. Our goal is to continually update and renew our print and multimedia collection to both support the requirements of the curriculum, and to provide stimulating resources for our students.



During our examination of student data based on academic achievement and student surveys, we’ve identified specific areas requiring additional resources. These included French, science, math, history resources and reading materials which are of interest to our students.

Additional Features

  • Empowered Student Partnerships
  • Student Crime Stoppers program
  • Pathways for Success
  • Block Timetabling
  • Annual Terry Fox Run
  • Grade 7/8 Career Conference
  • Integrated Subjects
  • Fundraising Initiatives

Student Life - Where You Belong


Our students come to school ready to actively participate. Students have the opportunity to participate in various academic competitions; to be a part of our school teams – including basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, cross-country, track and field, baseball, and Bordenball; and to develop their musical skills through band, choir, orchestra, and talent shows. Our school traditionally participates in our own Terry Fox Run. Students develop leadership skills through Student Council, Spirit Days, fundraising initiatives, dances and yearly food drives. Twice each year students and staff participate in special off-site programs. September’s “Beach Blast” enhances team building and school spirit through a day of beach volleyball and related activities, while Winter Activity Day, held in late January, gives students an opportunity to participate in a variety of fun activities not usually available through the school.


At Joseph Howe we have developed strategies to raise awareness of harassment, bullying, and racism issues. We have embarked on an awareness program that incorporates not only student understanding, but also involves the Joseph Howe community as a whole. These programs include information sessions, educational materials, discussions of Board policies, in-servicing, and community awareness through our School Community Council and parent forums. We also realize that we must be proactive and maintain a level of awareness that ensures an optimal environment for producing students who care about their community and others. Our School Liaison Officer is also an integral part of our school, and is involved in educating students about drugs, street crime, and bullying. The focus is always on knowing what is “right” and “wrong”, and on making the correct choices. The commitment and hard work of our students and staff, along with the support of our parents and community, make Joseph Howe a safe and caring environment.


Parents support our programs in numerous ways. They provide transportation for school teams, and large enthusiastic audiences for our performing groups. Parents take a shared responsibility for organizing graduation celebrations. Our School Community Council works diligently to ensure that parent and student concerns are addressed and communication is maintained. Our parents are supportive of fundraising initiatives in which money raised by students go directly to their “accounts” to reduce the cost of year end trips. In addition, Joseph Howe has developed educational partnerships with various community groups, and participates in local community activities.