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John A Leslie Public School's Mission Statement

Our school, John A. Leslie Public School, which opened in 1923, is located at Midland Avenue and Kingston Road. During its history, the school has had 5 additions. Our school is named in honour of John A. Leslie, a local resident who served as trustee and M.P.P. Our school serves 525 Junior Kindergarten to grade 8 pupils. We are proud of our diversity.  John A. Leslie Public School offers English programs in all grades, English as a Second Language instruction, Primary, Junior and Intermediate special education programs and Extended French starting in grade 4.  An independent non-profit daycare centre is housed in the building.

Our mission at John A. Leslie Public School is to provide the foundation for students to become responsible, creative, self-sufficient learners and to nurture partnerships among students, parents, staff and the community.
We believe that :
- everyone is able to learn
- learning through inquiry is beneficial for students
- learning and self-esteem are increased when people are in respectful and caring relationships with others who accept them as individuals
- each individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own choices and actions
- the family plays a significant role in the development of the individual


John A. Leslie has a beautiful natural butterfly garden of indigenous plants on our front lawn and an active recycling team to maximize our recycling efforts. We also have a outdoor classroom in our backyard with seating on natural stones, surrounded by shade trees. We have a kindergarten area for our students to use natural objects to promote environmental inquiry. We have stumps for walking across and jumping from and large logs that are both seating and places to build balancing skills.

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We belive that technology can be used to help make learning more engaging for students. We are strong supportors of using technology to enhance the learning opportunities for our students. We use a wide range of technology at starting in Junior Kindergarten. Students use Ipads, laptops and  digital film making equipment.
This year we are a Bring Your Own Device School.


We believe that students learn best when they can make meaningful connections. We have focussed on teaching from an inquiry stance to engage students in their learning. This year the whole school from Kindergarten to grade 8 are engaged in a water inquiry. We are all looking at the impact of water in our lives.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

This year a number of classes from grade 1 -8 are participating in the entrepreneurial thinking project with MaRS. Students are learning the skills that successful entrepreneurs use. Students are engaged in trying to find real solutions to problems. They are learning skills like prototyping, pivoting and market evaluation.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are important areas we are looking to encourage students to take an interest in. This year we are looking at how we can promote these areas. We are excited to partner with our local Secondary School RH King to help bring STEM to life for our students.

Student Life - Where You Belong


At John A. Leslie students enjoy an active extra curricular program.  We offer a wide range of activities from Folk Dance, Knitting club, Yoga to  sports like floor hockey, ice hockey, soccer, volleyball, cricket, library club and badminton. It is easy for students to find their place at JAL. Student leadership is valued and pupils have the opportunity of being involved in the Student Council, being a door monitor and participating in the Minga (Free the Children) group. This year we have started the PALs program and our senior students help lead activities for younger students on the playground during recess and lunch. Our Student Council leads a number of workshops like their drawing workshop series. Students lead the workshops over lunch to introduce new drawing styles to students. Students are challenged to be leaders and to make a difference.  Students are encouraged to use technology to make their learning more effective and efficient. This year as a Bring Your Own Device school students can use technology in meaningful ways.


John A Leslie is a dynamic learning environment. Students and staff are engaged in inquiry based learning to ensure we are always challenging ourselves to be the best we can be. We pride ourselves on being innovative and have hosted a number of visitors both local and international to see some of the innovative ways we are looking to create a effective learning and teaching environment. Some areas we are focussing on this year is our second school wide inquiry. Classes are investigating the important role water plays in our lives. Some classes are learning about what lives in water and how important it is to keep clear to as it is a habitat for many plants and animals. Other classes are looking at global water issues such as access to clean water and are activity trying to find solutions to real world problems. This whole school inquiry pulls together a number of our initiatives such as STEM, e-thinking and using technology.  We believe strongly that the more meaningful and connected the learning is for students the more successful they will be.  


We have an active Parent School Council.  Monthly meetings are held and the council is involved with projects for the school.  Projects include an Annual Fun Fair, a barbecue at our fall Curriculum Night and gift baskets at our December concert.  The Council also provides refreshments for sale at open houses and other events throughout the year. The Council is also looks to find ways to connect parents and act as a resource. Over the years the Council has brought in guest speakers and hosted events that are informative for parents.  Our Parent Council is an important part of the John A Leslie team and their input and support is one reason it is such a great place to be.