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Jack Miner Senior Public School's Mission Statement

At Jack Miner Senior Public School, in conjunction with the whole community, we promote the development of lifelong learning by providing a wide variety of challenging experiences in a positive, safe learning environment where cooperation, participation, and respect for all are valued. Jack Miner Senior Public School opened in 1970. The school receives its name from Jack Miner, the great Canadian naturalist and conservationist, who promoted the process of banding birds and studying their migratory habits. Jack Miner School is located by the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario. The students attending Jack Miner come from a variety of community K-6 schools.

Social Justice and Equity is embedded in all we do at Miner.  We are proud of the tremendous work done by our Character Education and Student Council Leaders in promoting equity and giving back to the community.  
We provide our students with training in instrumental band and strings. Students and their families are offered the opportunity to lease their very own instruments through a commercial leasing firm.  Our staff is enthusiastic about coaching and we offer interscholastic and intramural opportunities in soccer, cross country, volleyball, basketball and track and field.
We follow an integrative special education model that allows for flexible support of students with special academic and behavioural needs.

More Information About Jack Miner Senior Public School

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at Jack Miner are kept very busy.  From the high academic demands to involvement in a variety of student activities and teams, students at Miner are given many chances to excel.  The small senior public school experience gives the children a chance to experience rotary and lockers, while maintaining the close ties with teachers that they are used to in their junior public schools.


In a word - or two - Character Education.  The student leaders in this area over the past five years have raised thousands of dollars to assist those less fortunate.  They have built a school in Kenya, assisted various needy families during the Christmas season, and are currently raising money to complete a water filtration plant in the same village where the school was built.  Our students embody the message that they need to be the change they wish to see in this world.  With the support of dedicated staff and a consistent focus on excellence our students are challenged daily to give one hundred percent in all they do at Miner.  We have seen the magic that happens when students band together on a common purpose and we continue to expect great things at Miner from our students and staff.


At Miner we believe in strong partnership between the home and the school and invite parents to contact the school to see how they can serve.  We invite parents to provide important support to our program by helping our teachers in the library and special education classrooms. Statistics show that the more involved parents are in the school life of their child the better their students academic performance.  The School Council is another way for parents to support our schools and share their voices.  All parents are invited to the monthly meetings. Updates of the minutes will be made available on the school website.  Members of the SAC have created a Fundraising Committee that will endeavour to raise funds to support our academic programs through a number of initiatives and support needy students on excursions.