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Highcastle Public School's Mission Statement

Highcastle is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school serving students in the Seven Oaks and Brooks Road Community. The school opened in September 1967 as a ten room "junior" public school. The population peaked at 855 in 1969 but then dropped to 464 the following year with the opening of Brooks Road and Military Trail Public Schools. Since that time the population has continued to diversify and Highcastle has become a truly diverse school and community. Our strong base of volunteers and parent support, along with caring, focussed students, make Highcastle "A Wonderful Place To Be".

School Focus for This School Year

We will continue to focus on Literacy, Numeracy, Belonging, and Engagement
- use early literacy programs in Full Day Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2
- integrate language-based computer programs in the classrooms
- provide remedial in-class and/or withdrawal support
- promote the use of mathematical language and problem solving in everyday life
- strive to integrate technology
- Character Education
- building a sense of belonging  

More Information About Highcastle Public School

Special Education Programs

A variety of special education programs and services are offered to meet the needs of all students, including students with exceptionalities, such as behavioural, communication, intellectual, physical and multiple learning disabilities.  We implement the Community Based Resource Model  (C.B.R.M.) to better serve our special needs students in an integrated setting.

Board approved/supported programs and curriculum

An example of what we offer:
- Languages - English as a Second Language and French
- Mathematics, Science and Technology
- Arts - Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance
- Social Studies, Health and Physical Education; in grades 7-8: History and Geography

The Arts

Folk Dancing; Live Productions/Plays; Concert Band; Choir; Music Concerts/Performances; Music Festivals; Drama; In-School Performances By Professional Artists; Excursions  

Clubs and Teams

House League; Gardening Club; Primary Games Club; Chess Club; Girls' Club, Student Council, as well a wide, diverse variety of other clubs and sports reflective of the students' interests

Additional Features

  • Instrumental Music
  • Caring and Safe school initatives
  • C.B.R.M. Special Education model
  • Snack Program
  • Library and Computer Lab
  • Literacy & Math resource rooms
  • Dedicated and Committed staff

Student Life - Where You Belong


This is what some of our students say about Highcastle Public School:
"Highcastle is a wonderful place to be because of the great teaching staff." Grade 7 student
"Student life is great at Highcastle because there are a lot of friendly students and teachers in our school."   Grade 7 student
"There are a lot of kids and a lot more friends to make."   Grade 6 student
"Highcastle is a wonderful place to be because the students have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of extracurricular activities."  Grade 7 student
"Better teachers than other schools."   Grade 7 student
"I like the snack food."   Grade 1 student
"We get to do lots of fun stuff and learn lots."   Grade 3 student
"Highcastle is a wonderful place to be because it just is!"  Grade 5 student
Obviously, our students enjoy this school. Opportunities to participate in house league and a wide variety of other co-curricular activities, supervised by our staff, contribute to a truly balanced learning environment.    
Highcastle truly is 'A Wonderful Place To Be'!


At Highcastle Public School, we are fortunate to have many programs and school wide initiatives that are unique to our school.  We have a very successful fundraising program, which involves community members as well fundraising led by our students.  Some of the money supports building a school in Sierra Leonne.
We have an amazing Snack Program.  Our committed volunteers provide a healthy variety of snacks to our students every day.
We celebrate the successes of our students each month with our CASTLE Awards.  Recognition related to the TDSB Character traits is given to students at these assemblies. Our students also enjoy participating in class presentations related to these traits.  We also take pride in the many programs which support good character among our students, such as We also train our Intermediate students to be school yard leader by being positive role models for the younger students.  They have also participated in equity conferences and continue to promote equity in our school.


We are always endeavouring to reach out to our various communities.  At Highcastle, we recognize the importance of parental and community involvement in the learning partnership. We welcome and encourage active participation in daily programs and special activities. We value input and feedback which is offered either spontaneously or in public forums. School Advisory Council meets monthly to discuss issues and to provide input to staff.  Our community helps by volunteering in the classrooms, library and snack program, driving to sporting events and planning fundraising initiatives. They are also involved with parent evenings, Education week and concerts.  We also appreciate support during graduation, excursions, sporting events, pizza lunches, Terry Fox run, play days, our nutritious snack program that runs 5 days per week and CASTLE Awards Assemblies.