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Henry Hudson Senior Public School's Mission Statement

Henry Hudson Senior Public School is named after a famed 17th Century explorer who journeyed to discover entry ways to the interior of North America. Our school provides a safe and caring environment where all students have the opportunity to follow in Henry Hudson's footsteps and embark on their own journeys of discovery. We encourage students to discover new knowledge through our curriculum offerings; to discover new aspects of themselves through participation in our co-curricular activities and our Guidance programs; and, to discover new friends by engaging in all the opportunities that our school has to offer. Our school motto is "Journey to Success" and we emphasize achieving success in all that we do!

Succeeding on the Journey...

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Understand the learning process
  • Demonstrate responsibility
  • Search for solutions
  • Organize time and space
  • Network with others
  • At Henry Hudson Senior School we believe that when students, parents, staff and the community work together all of us have embarked on a "Journey to Success" and will discover all that we seek.

More Information About Henry Hudson Senior Public School

Hudson Students Are Engaged

At Henry Hudson, students have a wide range of backgrounds, abilities, skills and interests, which may be developed through a variety of co-curricular activities. Students may try out for any of several competitive teams, become involved in one of the many clubs, or develop leadership abilities through participation in the Student or Athletic Councils.

Hudson Staff Are Caring and Talented

We have a remarkably caring and talented staff at Henry Hudson. All members of our staff are committed to providing a safe environment, a challenging academic program and a rewarding social experience to the young people who attend Hudson!

Hudson Parents and Community Support the Journey

Our parent community support our efforts to create a school environment that is safe, inviting and focused on student achievement. To this end, all activities and interactions within the school environment reflect the spirit of the TDSB Equity Foundation statement. Our parents support co-curricular activities that encourage participation and community involvement.

Continuing on our Journey to Success

We continue to promote an ongoing culture of self-reflection, inquiry and continuous assessment amongst our staff, students and parent community. The purpose of our journey is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in our school, to improve the achievement of our students and to increase the accountability of Henry Hudson to our parents, the community and the TDSB

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Student Life - Where You Belong


Henry Hudson offers an extensive array of co-curricular activities for students to engage in before and after school. 

  • Student leadership is one of the strengths of our school and we promote students to take leadership opportunities in all that they attempt.  Our Student Leadership Cadre organizes many student activities and provide a student voice to the decision making process of Henry Hudson.
  • Athletics participation is another strength.  Our students have opportunities to represent the school in inter-school competitions in a variety of sports.
  • Instrumental Music has traditionally been very strong at Henry Hudson and we continue with our class program and supplement it with an outstanding Band program for both grades.
  • Performance talent is recognised as a student strength.  Annually we produce several shows which highlight the singing, dancing and performing skills of our students


To promote the values of personal and social responsibility, students at Henry Hudson engage in activities that support groups and agencies in the larger community.  This is achieved through holding special activities and events where the proceeds are directed to community support agencies. To promote ownership, caring and school spirit, students and staff participate in a variety of co-curricular activities that engage and encourage participation and achievement. To meet the needs of our diverse and amazing students, our staff offer excitng and challenging programs and utilize teaching strategies and activites to help students achieve the maximum potential.


We believe that parents are a central component to excellence in school and student achievement and therefore encourage parental involvement.  Participation in School Council is one of the ways parents can be involved in their child's education. Henry Hudson Sr. Public School has an open door policy in regards to the welcoming of parents/guardians and visitors but to provide a seafe and secure learning environment, we respectfully request that all visitors check in at the office at their arrival.