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Grey Owl Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Grey Owl Junior Public School was built in 1975 and is part of the vibrant Malvern community. Our school has 12 regular classrooms including 3 Full day kindergarten rooms. Grey Owl is wholeheartedly dedicated to creating a learning environment in which student achievement is consistently improving. Raising standards has involved concurrent work by all stakeholders who have a shared responsibility for student learning. This shared belief is what makes Grey Owl "A Great Place To Be!" Our emphasis on literacy, numeracy, and community partnerships will continue as we expand our professional learning community and strive to implement appropriate interventions for all students.

Grey Owl: A Great Place to Be!

We have a nuturing culture created by our dedicated staff. The culture of the school ensures that each child is considered as an individual, with unique learning needs that need to be acknowledged. This year at Grey Owl we will have teacher candidates from the teacher's colleges as well as volunteers from the community.  We recognize that teaching and learning is best achieved by a team approach that recognizes the contributions of all members of the community.

More Information About Grey Owl Junior Public School


We deliver a Balanced Literacy programs at all grade levels and ensure that our teachers are continually receiving professional development on the lastest instructional strategies.  Rich tasks and activities to promote higher level thinking are evident from Kindergarten to grade six. We have a well stocked library and a literacy room for teachers filled with resources.


Our focus is on the continued implementation of Math programs that include 3-part math lessons, effective questioning techniques, and math congress. We use MacBooks in our grade 6 classes. We also have 12 interactive SMART boards and 35 Ipads. Our teachers use a variety of math manipulatives, "elmos" and teach students about mathematics using a problem-solving approach.

Equity and Inclusion

Grey Owl is committed to ensuring that our stakeholders feel valued and included in all that we do.  Our work with our community has expanded to be responsive to its ethnically diverse composition.  Teachers are trained in including diverse perspectives in their lessons and in ensuring that learning materials are culturally responsive and relevant to our students.

Great Partners Make a Great School!

We are fortunate to have partnerships with many community agencies who help us to provide all of our stakeholders with the resources and supports necessary to have an outstanding educational experience. Some of our partnerships include our relationships with TAIBU Health Centre, Toronto Public Health, Ontario Early Years, Malvern Library and Malvern Resource Centre.

Additional Features

  • Morning Meal Program
  • Hearing and Vison Screening
  • Malvern Resource Afterschool
  • Gold ECO school
  • Family Aussie X Night
  • Family STEM Night
  • Kindergarten Welcome
  • Community Support Worker

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Grey Owl Junior Public School, students are involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities.  In athletics, we offer basketball, soccer, and track and field for our students to experience.  To help mentor and develop positive social skills and attitudes towards school, students can be part our Boys 2 Men group and our Girls' Club.  Sharp minds at Grey Owl also are part of our Silverbirch reading group and primary Lego club. Our Caretaker assistants members work hard to make Grey Owl a 'greener' place. In the arts, we offer "Step Dance", choir and art clubs. We offer band to grade 5 & 6. Our focus is to develop the whole child and student life through our wide-range of extracurricular activities is a major part of these efforts.


Grey Owl Junior Public School is a "community school" which endeavours to provide an inviting environment for our community both inside and outside of the instructional day.  We are a "Model School for Inner Cities" which provides supports for our students with tools, resources and unique opportunities. We offer a 5 day morning meal program, hearing and vision screening, and a Junior Kindergarten Welcome bag. We offer full day Kindergarten.  We also host a "Heritage Night" where food, dance and music reflective or our community are highlighted. We offer concerts in the winter and spring.
Grey Owl is also an inclusive school.  In order to engage students in meaningful ways, teachers use curriculum units reflective of the diversity of our students.  Relevant materials reflective of social justice issues are an integral part of our program.


The involvement of our parents and community members is paramount to helping us create an outstanding schooling experience for our students.  We have an active School Council, as well as many volunteers who assist in the library, classrooms, on excursions, and with co-curricular activities.  Parent volunteers help to organize community events e.g., Family
Fun Night, our snack program, Pizza lunches and sports activities.  We celebrate the contributions and experiences of our community in the school through events such as our "Community Link" on Curriculum night and our Family Teambuilding Night.  Taibu supports our girl's club and our community support worker contributes to our Boys to Men club.