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Glen Ravine Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Glen Ravine Jr. P. S. is  located in the South East region of the Toronto District School Board, in the area bounded by Midland Ave. to the west, Brimley Ave. to the east and Eglinton Ave. to the south. The school first opened in 1956, and currently serves approximately 280 students.   
Our mission statement is; "Our goal is to instill pride, respect, and responsibility in our students so as to enable them to reach high levels of academic achievement and social success." We partner with parents, school support staff,  and other community members to provide our students with the best possible learning opportunities so as to ensure that they are on their way to becoming lifelong learners and contributing members of our community.   

The staff at Glen Ravine Jr. P. S. are dedicated in their effort to promote a safe, caring and positive learning environment. We encourage our students to utilize effective problem-solving strategies through the use of Restorative Practice, anti-bullying programs, peer mediation, and our Peer Assistants program. Glen Ravine Jr. P. S. places a strong emphasis on developing the leadership skills of our students. We look for opportunities that include student voice and student choice. We provide a number of programs that provide leadership opportunities for our students, e.g., Peer Assistants, PALS etc.  

Glen Ravine Jr. P. S. - Professional Development

Our staff is committed to ongoing professional development in order to ensure that our students are given every opportunity to learn to the best of their ability. This means keeping current in educational practice. The staff attend workshops, both within and beyond the school, and they are engaged in ongoing professional reading to address specific areas of literacy and numeracy using an inquiry based approach to learning.  The staff collaborate with their grade partners in planning and assessment, by taking part in regularly scheduled Division Meetings

More Information About Glen Ravine Junior Public School

Peer Assistants

Our junior students volunteer their time as Peer Assistants at recess to ensure that our students feel safe, and that their problems and concerns are being addressed. The Peer Assistants have been trained to assist younger students in utilizing problem solving strategies when confronted with a disagreement or misunderstanding, and to help students who are in need.  

Student Leadership and Responsibility

Glen Ravine Jr. P. S. has a number of programs that encourage and foster student leadership and responsibility. In addition to our Student Council, our students help in the Office, the Library, and the Kindergarten classes. 

Eco - School

Both the students and the staff of Glen Ravine Jr. P. S. play an integral role in meeting the guidelines for being a Gold Eco-School. We are committed to working towards the principles of conservation and respect for the environment.  Our practises include recycling all waste, promoting litter-less lunches, practising "lights out", and planning for a greener schoolyard. 

Caring and Safe Environment

We are committed to providing a warm, welcoming, and safe
learning environment in which our students can build self esteem and
confidence. We endeavour to meet the individual needs of all students and to build relationships which is the foundation of all learning. 

Additional Features

  • Fit for LIfe School
  • Co-curricular programs
  • S.T.E.A.M.
  • Morning Snack Program
  • Sports Teams and Clubs
  • Junior Band Program
  • Restorative Practice
  • Homework Support Program

Student Life - Where You Belong


Glen Ravine Jr. P. S. offers our students a wide range of activities and resources that contribute to make them successful and contributing members of our community.  The staff at Glen Ravine Jr. P. S. work together to provide our students with a clean, well maintained school, with a wide variety of learning resources, including our well stocked library, our modern Computer Lab, and fully equipped classrooms. 
Students are able to join a variety of sports teams, e.g., borden ball, volleyball, basketball, track and field, Kilometre Club, flag football.  A number of clubs operate over the course of the school year, e.g., Book Club, Office Club, Snack Club, Games Club, Folk Dancing, Junior Band. 
Special events are planned throughout the year and have become part of the Glen Ravine tradition, e.g., Speech Arts Festival, Talent Show, Grade 6 SOES trip, movie days, pizza and hot dog lunches, Scientists in the School, Book Fair, trips to the Ontario Science Centre, Hillside Outdoor Education Centre, Grade 6 Celebration.
Our students appreciate the strong emphasis we have placed on creating a caring and safe school and our Bullying Awareness initiatives.  


As a Model School for Inner Cities school, we are involved in many activities that support our students and their families.  We provide hearing and vision clinics,  and a variety of parenting workshops organized by our Community Support Worker.  We liaise with a variety of community partners that provide rich experiences for our students and their families.  As a Model School for Inner Cities, extra funding is provided to our school for enhanced professional development for our staff and additional resources for our students.  
Funding from the Toronto Foundation for Success makes it possible for us to provide our students with a nutritious snack each day.   


Welcoming parents and community members to Glen Ravine Jr. P. S. is an important component in the partnerships needed to ensure that our school is the heart of the community.  Parent and student volunteers assist in the school in a variety of ways,  e.g., reading to and with the students, assisting with supervision on school trips, helping to prepare classroom materials for the teacher.  Families contribute money for our Snack Club, and they support our efforts, e.g., pizza lunches, read-a-thon, walk-a-thon, Book Fair, etc.  We welcome secondary and  post secondary students from the University of Toronto, Centennial College, Ryerson School of Nursing, Bendale B.T.I., David and Mary Thomson C.I., etc., with the opportunity to work towards school credits by completing a placement as part of their program.  Their presence enriches the learning opportunities for our students.