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Cliffside Public School's Mission Statement

Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Respectful.
Welcome to Cliffside PS!  Cliffside first opened its doors in 1952 and was named after its proximity to the cliffs by Lake Ontario.  Cliffside has over 175 students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.  We are fortunate to have a Middle French Immersion Program and Extended French Program. At Cliffside, our students are kind, clever and demonstrate creativity in a variety of ways.  One of our upcoming goals is to incorporate robotics into our classroom programs in Kindergarten through to Grade 8. 

Student Leadership

Student leadership remains at the heart of Cliffside PS.  Students develop self-confidence, relationship-building skills, effective communication skills and the sense of responsibility for their school and community while ensuring a sense of belonging for all.  Student leadership opportunities include Student Council, Big Buddies, Cliffside Journalists, Hall Monitors, Morning Announcers and Inspirational Speakers.

More Information About Cliffside Public School

Cliffside's Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct outlines our expectations that students will be safe, responsible and respectful members of our school and community.  


Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 came together to create statements which would best reflect what it looked like to Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful.

Be Safe

  • Follow class and school rules
  • Follow health and safety rules
  • Keep hands and feet to ourselves 


Be Responsible

  • Arrive on time and prepared to learn
  • Think ahead and make good decisions
  • Be helpful to others
  • Accept responsibility for our actions 

Be Respectful

  • Follow The Golden Rule:  Treat others as you wish to be treated  
  • Be kind, positive and polite
  • Take turns and share
  • Respect the beliefs and rights of others


Additional Features

  • Cliffside's Character Matters
  • Student Council
  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Big Buddies
  • Band and Strings Program
  • Terry Fox Walk-a-Thon
  • Basketball and Volley Teams
  • Nutrition Program

Student Life - Where You Belong


After experiencing learning during a global pandemic, we are currently focusing on improving the mental health and well-being of all students. 

Two of the Social-Emotional Learning Skills in the Ontario Health Curriculum, are identifying and managing emotions, and recognizing sources of stress and coping with challenges. 
At Cliffside we use the Zones of Regulation to help students recognize a range of emotions in themselves and others.  We teach our students about the connections between thoughts, feelings and actions, and help to develop self-regulation strategies.  


"The teachers at Cliffside really care about me and how I am feeling.  They know when I need help, and are always there for me."  - Grade 4 student
"We learn how to make the problem better, not make the problem worse." - Grade 6 student
"This is the cleanest school I have ever been in." - Cliffside Visitor 
"I love it here." - Kindergarten student 


The partnership between school and home is key to our students' success.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with their classroom teacher about the social, emotional and academic needs of their children.  We also encourage our parents to be active participants on our School Council.  Over the years, Cliffside's School Council has raised money for a variety of enhancements.  Our next goal is to raise money for additional technology in the school and improved outdoor play spaces.  Together we can make the biggest difference for our students.