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Chester Le Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Built in 1972, Chester Le Junior Public School is an elementary school that services Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 students in the Victoria Park and Finch area.  The school itself is situated beside a small community park, and has easy access to the school's soccer fields and baseball diamonds.  Presently, there are approximately 140 students from diverse backgrounds attending Chester Le, and representing at least fifteen different primary languages.

Academic School Focus for This School Year

• Structured literacy instruction
• Model Schools for Inner Cities School focus
• Literacy and Math Pathways guided by our Learning Network team of coaches
• Implementation of the JK/SK Full Day Learning Program

More Information About Chester Le Junior Public School

Model Schools for Inner Cities

Chester Le JPS will be benefitting this year from participation in the above initiative.  In addition to professional development for staff, opportunities will be presented to parents to be a part of relevant workshops and students will be the recipients of services within the school setting, such as vision and hearing screening.

Nutrition Program

The Toronto Foundation for Student Success primarily funds the program with support from our community. Our Nutrition Program is delivered by a community member who organizes the snack to fit into the required food groups. This snack is delivered to the students just before morning recess, which ensures that they have a healthy boost during the morning routine.

Parent & Family Learning Centre (EarlyON)

The PFLC's philosophy, “...the parent is the first and most important teacher in a child’s life"... has increased parental involvement in their child’s education which has contributed to academic success. We are very fortunate to have Ms. Claudia Ohannessian as our provider. Her personality and energy ensures that we have a very busy and popular center!

ACSA Community Centre

ACSA is a leading and learning organization that is constantly adapting to the changeing needs of our community. We are committed to advancing our knowledge and expertise, and to sharing our learnings with other organizations working in the social services sector. 

Additional Features

  • School Pledge
  • Academic School Focus
  • Model Schools for Inner Cities
  • Snack Program
  • Parent & Family Learning Centre

Student Life - Where You Belong


As part of your routine here at Chester Le JPS, you come to school in your school uniform and settle promptly into your classroom. Our National Anthem and announcements follow the Land Acknowledgement after morning recess. At lunch time, you have the option of enjoying your lunch at home or staying for the supervised lunch program if you do not have a parent or guardian able to supervise you at home.  Either way, you have the choice of participating in one of our many programs that are offered during the second half of the lunch hour.  During the afternoon, you will be enjoying a combination of Social Studies, Science, Arts, Physical Education and French (for the junior students), and after dismissal, you may be staying for one of the clubs or teams, such as Chess, Basketball or our ACSA after school program!


At Chester Le JPS, we have a staff that is collegial and supportive and goes the extra mile for each and every student.  With the staff's support, we have participated in school trips to Forest Valley and the Scarborough Outdoor Education School, and, supported various fundraising causes, such as the 'Terry Fox Walk' and 'Subway Lunch Fundraising Day'.  We have also had staff and community participation at Curriculum Night, Family Literacy Night and many sports team and tournaments.


•Model Schools for Inner Cities participants
•City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Programs
•Chester Le Community Development Project has provided a forum for various social agencies, community members, levels of government and school boards to raise awareness of community needs and to seek necessary resources and services as supported by 'The Community Corner'
•An active School Council
•Agincourt Community Services Association after-school program
•Parenting and Family Literacy Centre
•Community events such as Chester Le's Family Wellness Night (Spring)