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C D Farquharson Junior Public School's Mission Statement

C.D. Farquharson Jr. P.S. is located in the Agincourt community on the east side of Brimley Rd. near Sheppard Ave. The school opened in 1954 and is named after Doctor C.D. Farquharson, who was the Chief Medical Officer of Health. The school serves about 380 students and is enriched by the diverse multi-cultural student population. Our strong resource team provides support for students in our English as a Second Language program as well as to students with special learning needs. Through partnership with home and community, our mission is to provide a safe learning environment that promotes the academic, physical, social and emotional development of our diverse student body.

C.D.F.: A Great Place To Be

"CDF is a great place to be because the teachers are great; they make learning fun and active, they also give up their time to help us after school and coach teams."-Student
Our highly dedicated teachers provide a wide variety of co-curricular activities for our students that will enrich and broaden their life experiences. We offer co-curricular programs in the areas of Music (choir, band and strings), Dance (folk-dance), Student Leadership (Safety Patrollers, WE Group and "ECO" club), and a variety of sports teams (soccer, volleyball, cross country, and borden ball).

More Information About C D Farquharson Junior Public School

Literacy for Life

Our aim is to help our students acquire "Literacy for Life:" we want all our students to listen attentively, speak persuasively, read with understanding, and write with command. Our School Improvement Plan focuses on achieving our vision through the use of precise focused teaching, and a variety of strategies that meet the diverse needs of all our students.


We want our students to become strong mathematicians and competent problem solvers.  A variety of strategies including 3-Part math lessons and effective questioning techniques are used to engage our students and to help them develop problem solving skills. Our teachers consistently use math manipulatives in their classrooms and set high standards for our students. 

Our Community of Culture and Caring

Our focus is to continue to build a culture of high expectations for our students, staff and parent community. We strive to ensure that there is a respectful, positive, and inclusive learning environment with a sense of belonging for all. Our stellar character education programs promote a caring, co-operative, and supportive environment for all school stakeholders.

Learning With Technology

We are helping our students to develop their digital fluency. With the use of Interactive White Boards, laptops, iPads, and document cameras, technology is embedded in our students' everyday learning. Programs such as SCRATCH allow our students to learn about coding and "Read and Write Gold" is used to support all of our students.

Additional Features

  • WE Group
  • STEM and Inquiry based learning
  • Primary and Junior Choirs
  • Centre-based JK/SK program
  • Reading Readiness Program
  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Nutrition Program
  • String and Band Programs

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at C.D.F. are involved in a wide range of co-curricular activities. In Music and Dance, we offer choir, band, strings, and folk-dancing. To develop leadership skills, students have the opportunity to help organize "Spirit Days" to boost school morale as well as activities to promote environmental awareness.  Led by staff members, our Environmental club promotes recycling, energy conservation and educating others on the importance of caring for the environment.  Through athletic teams, such as soccer, volleyball and track and field, our students have the opportunity to excel in sports and work and play together as a team. Our focus is on creating a learning environment in which the whole child is developed and students have the opportunity to excel in different areas of school life.


At C.D. Farquharson Junior Public School, we strive to create an inviting and inclusive environment. We want to ensure that all stakeholders feel valued and that they play an important role in our school community. C.D.F. teachers engage all our students in meaningful learning activities that enable them to connect and apply their learning in real-life situations.  Our staff regularly collaborate to plan and develop programs that are interesting and that reflect the diversity of our students.     


C.D.F. strives to create an outstanding school experience for our students. We have an active School Council, who meets regularly to provide consultation to the principal in support of an enriched learning environment.  Our parent volunteers help to organize pizza lunches and play an integral role in fundraising initiatives that greatly benefit our students. We work closely with Public Health, Toronto Firefighters, the Police Services and community agencies to develop workshops for our students to promote wellness and safety at school, on the roads at home.  With the help of our parent community, community helpers, and our dedicated staff  C.D.F. is a wonderful place for learning.