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Burrows Hall Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Burrows Hall Junior Public School opened in 1974 and moved to the present building in 1975. The school receives its name from a community meeting hall which stood in the Malvern area until the 1950's, serving as the meeting place for Scarborough Council. The name is appropriate, as Burrows Hall Jr. P.S. is a meeting place for 265 students from many cultural backgrounds. The staff at Burrows Hall Junior Public School is proud of the school's culture of inclusiveness and respect. In partnership with the community, we strive to provide students with appropriate skills and attitudes needed to enable them to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Our Code of Conduct follows Toronto District School Board guidelines and is based on the expectation that students, staff and parents will demonstrate appropriate respect for self, others, property, learning and the environment.

Information Technology

At Burrows Hall we recognize and welcome the fact that we need to prepare our students to be lifelong learners in an ever changing world.  As such, we seek opportunities to support learning through the use of technology and various media.  We strive to provide students with the chance to use technology such as computers, Smartboards, iPads and digital cameras to explore the world in which we live.

More Information About Burrows Hall Junior Public School

Student Life - Where You Belong


Burrows Hall offers a number of varied co-curricular opportunities while remaining a small neighbourhood school.  The staff is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their skills related to such things as leadership and school spirit, with a particular emphasis on personal and social responsibility.


Burrows Hall is a relatively small community school with a caring and committed staff dedicated to student success.  We have a tremendously supportive community that is always receptive to any and all school initiatives.  Student success is our core purpose and we strive to provide students with opportunities to learn in different ways and to experience success.  We provide relevant and challenging classroom programs and co-curricular opportunities in many different areas ranging from athletics to the arts.


We have many volunteers from the community who work in the school to support the success of our students.  Including, parent volunteers who work in classrooms, assist on school trips and serve on the School Council.  We also have many high school, college and university students who volunteer in the building to complete co-op placements and support our Early Reading Intervention initiative.  We are a host school for many prospective teacher candidates who are currently enrolled in Faculty of Education Programs.