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Buchanan Public School's Mission Statement

Buchanan Public School opened in 1954.  The school was named after the Buchanan family who settled in the area in 1830.

Buchanan Public School serves a diverse student population of over 290 students from grades JK to grade 8. The school also provides a supportive environment to students in four special needs classes. (Primary, Junior and Intermediate Autism Programs and Home School).

Buchanan has a before and after day care provided by Family Day Care Centre.

Buchanan offers specialist teachers in the following areas:

  •  Physical Education, Vocal/Instrumental Music, French, the Arts
  •  Mathematics, History/Geography, and Science  


To improve the delivery of our mathematics program our school: ensures that all teachers receive professional development from the math coaches, makes use of critical pathways to focus on the areas of student needs, use the data from the EQAO and CASI  to set realistic goals for the students, have a math resource cupboard of up to date manipulatives for use of the primary and junior teachers and have started to invest in manipulatives for the intermediate division. Numeracy is taught in both terms.  

More Information About Buchanan Public School


Our school has fully equipped computer carts that are used by students from Grade 1 to grade 8. We utilize Smartboard and Promethean Boards and all classrooms are equipped with Elmos and projectors. Our K-3 classrooms are equipped with iPads and we have several Dash Robots that we are using to develop problem solving and Scratch Coding skills.

Learning Environment

Buchanan has developed a very positive, safe and welcoming learning environment for our students. We reinforce the code of behaviour and provide opportunities for students to become role models through our grade 6-8 Prefect program. We hold regular school support team meetings to monitor students who are at risk. We provide positive transitions to our local CI.

Environmental Awareness

The main goal for our students is to become aware of their own environment and what they need to do to keep it in good shape. We have a very active Eco-Team and are a certified PLATINUM eco school. We have a litterless lunch and green bin program and regular days for school yard clean up. The school celebrates Earth day with special events every year.

Co- Curricular Programs

Buchanan offers a large variety of co-curricular activites before school, at lunch and after school. Every student from grade 1 to 8 is encouraged to join at least one team, club or committee. We have a large focus on the arts.

Student Life - Where You Belong


It is very important at Buchanan for our students to be actively involved in co-curricular activities and student leadership initiatives.
We have had an active student council for many years. Our student council consists of student representatives from grades 1 to 8. The students meet on a regular basis to come up with ideas for special events for our school. We have special days each month that the student council plan. The student council also organizes events to fund raise for our communities (i.e. fall food drive). Another leadership opportunity we offer is the prefect program. Students from grades 6 to 8 can apply to be prefects. The selected students are trained in conflict resolution and help our younger students when they have difficulties at recess or lunch. The prefects also volunteer at special events during the year. 
We offer a huge variety of co-curricular activities for our students. Some of them include: Eco-club, Girls club, choir, art club, school musicals, intermural sports, sports teams, Talent show, Lego Club, track and field and cross country. Our goal is to have all students actively involved in Buchanan's school life.


It is important at Buchanan for the teachers to really get to know the students. We believe in giving students as much attention as possible. If that means extra help at recess or after school or a teacher - student badminton or volley-ball game. Staff tend to stay at this school due to the positive environment and good home/school relationships. The school has  a family feel as most teachers have taught a variety of siblings over the years. There is a special focus on kindness and a general philosophy of "Treat others as you would like to be treated".  Character development is important and is highlighted with our student of the month.  Our special needs population is integrated into all of our full school events and into the regular curriculum program. Our active school council works closely with the school to help and provide special experiences for our students.
At Buchanan we set high expectations for all of our students and work diligently to give them  the skills, values and attitude that will make them successful, contributing members of our society.  


Teachers work in collaboration with our Before and After Day care program- Co-op placements from local colleges and high schools - Teacher training placements for students from various universities - Offers school space to Scouts, full length school musical every spring - Active and involved School Council - Regular parent volunteers in classrooms - Parent education workshops - Montthly Newsletters - Appropriate use of homework agenda books - Class excursions - Open communication between school and home - Parents invited into the school for additional events such as concerts and the school musical. - Spring community BBQ.