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Bridlewood Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Bridlewood Junior Public School offers stimulating academic and enrichment programs for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade six. Following Grade six, students from our community attend J. B. Tyrrell Senior Public School for Grades seven and eight.

Our school's motto is "Bridlewood Cares - Learning Together." The word learning reflects our school’s focus on high academic standards and on helping students reach their full potential. The word together reflects our collaborative culture where students, teachers, parents and community members work as a team. The mission of the school is "To build the best within ourselves and find the good within each other". We are also home to the Y.M.C.A. Childcare.

Our school has a proud tradition of involving parents in many areas of school life. We are committed to making our school a safe and caring place where learning is encouraged and students thrive.   Our school motto is "Bridlewood Cares".
Our School Council is very active on our behalf providing support and input to our initiatives.   This collaborative team also coordinates a variety of special activities for our community including such events as a Curriculum Night BBQ, Special Lunches and Family Fun Nights.  
We are fortunate to have many Parent Volunteers supporting our students and staff as well.  Parents assist in numerous roles such as Reading Tutors, Scientist in the Schools Partners and as Play Day Leaders.

Bridlewood Students Love to Read.

Reading with understanding and writing with clarity are important goals at Bridlewood.  Our library is a welcoming and exciting place.  Photos of families reading together decorate our walls and showcase this important lifelong habit.   New library books are dedicated to our parent volunteers and added to our collection each year.  Staff emphasize the delights of reading for pleasure and for information.  Students all have Reading Buddies who work with them to read and talk about their reading. We know that enthusiastic readers and writers are successful learners and we celebrate this at monthly recognition assemblies.

More Information About Bridlewood Junior Public School

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

We are pleased to be one of the TDSB's home schools for students who have been diagnosed as Deaf / Hard of Hearing.  Students in this program learn to maximize their residual hearing support and expand their oral language skills with the help of specially trained teachers of the deaf.   Currently we welcome students from Kindergarten through Grade 4 in this program. 

Learning as a Team

The Bridlewood staff is enthusiastically committed to working and learning together.  We share strategies and review student achievements as a team then focus on energies collectively on behalf of our students.  Provincial test scores have reflected this emphasis on academic success in a positive way.  Teachers who continue to learn help students thrive in many ways.

Recognition Assemblies

Bridlewood students and staff meet monthly to recognize and celebrate student achievements.  Each month one character trait is chosen as the focus for these assemblies and parents are invited to join us to applaud their childrens' accomplishments.   Students are honoured for their demonstrations of  initiative, responsibility, citizenship, leadership and perseverance.

Co-Curricular Activities

Bridlewood students are extremely fortunate to have many opportunities to participate in numerous activities outside of their classrooms.  Thanks to the enthusiasm, creativity and expertise of their teachers, students can join a variety of clubs, sports teams and musical activities.  The school also welcomes groups which invite students to play tennis and badminton.

Student Life - Where You Belong


Bridlewood Junior is a very busy place. Students have many opportunities to participate in the life of the school in a variety of ways. As well as our sports teams and choirs, students can be part of many clubs, including folk dance, games, math, leadership, environment and boys' and girls' clubs. Every year we have our Terry Fox event and Spring Play Day. Classes are out of the school on field trips regularly to places in and around the city. Our students toboggan on our very own toboggan hill behind the school! Many classes make regular use of the neighbourhood public library. Grade five and six students are offered the opportunity to take on leadership roles in the school. These students help out in the office, do morning announcements, assist the kindergarten lunchroom supervisors, manage the recycling, engage younger children at play during recess and help with Movie Night.


Thanks to the ongoing greening efforts by staff, students and parents, Bridlewood Junior has the distinction of being an EcoSchool with Gold Standing.

Through fundraisers and grants, our EcoSchools committee has celebrated the completion of our outdoor learning classroom in the back playground. Most recently, our schoolyard has become more environmentally-friendly with the addition of seven shade trees. We look forward to another successful GOLD EcoSchool year!


We are extremely fortunate at our school to have such an active and supportive group of parent volunteers.   Our School Advisory Council is very involved in school life at Bridlewood.  Their leadership, initiatives and support make us stronger in so many ways.  Our community offers a wide range of special events for students including such things as Special Lunches, Curriculum Night BBQ's, Valentine's Dances and Talent Shows for the children and their families.  Their fundraising efforts are creative and extremely successful.   A group of parents also take the lead to copy and distribute a weekly information package that goes home to every family.  These "Wednesday Envelopes" provide information updates from the school, SAC, Board, school trustee and the wider community.  All parents are encouraged to attend and actively participate in our School Council meetings.