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Blantyre Public School's Mission Statement

Blantyre Public School first opened in 1928. Sixty-five years later, the original building was replaced in 1993 by our state-of-the-art facility serving Kindergarten to Gr. 8 students. The size of the school has stabilized at approximately 250 students. Open houses, student recognition assemblies, community barbecues, special events, co-curricular programs, and school volunteers are important traditions at our school.  Our school is committed to educating every student in our care by providing a learning environment that promotes the development of academic skills and knowledge, the growth of self-esteem, personal responsibility and the demonstration of respect and co-operation.


Our School

The staff members at Blantyre Public School are committed to providing our pupils with a student-centred curriculum that will fulfill the personal, social and intellectual requirements necessary to meet the challenges of today and in the future. We value the traditions of the past, but are continually searching for new and innovative ideas that will put our students first.
Our school motto is "Blantyre, Highway to the Future".

The building houses Today's Child, Tomorrow's Future Children's Centre, providing day care for children from two to ten years old.
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Supervisor: Gillian Oskalns
ph. (416) 698-0069

More Information About Blantyre Public School


The development of literacy is a priority at Blantyre P. S. and teachers are committed to providing the instruction necessary for all learners to attain their highest level of literacy across all subject areas. Our classroom programs include daily balanced literacy programming, weekly library periods, and integration of digital media and computer technology.


By applying a careful balance of approaches, our goal is to help students understand that with the right amount of effort everyone can be successful in mathematics. Our programs encourage students to apply mathematics to solve problems, process information, and to communicate effectively using numbers, words, symbols, and representations.

Information Technology

Blantyre continues to engage our students through technology.  The school now has 8 interactive white boards, 30 netbooks and 7 Macbooks. Our students are learning to create and communicate online. All classes are timetabled through the computer lab. Finally, we are providing additional computers in each classroom to assist individual student learning.

Building Character

At Blantyre character development is woven into daily lessons, extra curricular activities, and student assemblies. A shared responsibility between home and school, character development is aimed at helping students develop self-discipline and personal management skills to enable them to be the best they can be.

Additional Features

  • Clubs and Sports Teams
  • Platinum EcoSchool
  • Orff, Vocal, Music Programs
  • Art Garage After School Program
  • Instrumental Music Program, Band
  • Daycare in the school
  • Boys and Girls Reading Clubs
  • School wide Arts Project

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Blantyre Public School there is a very strong extra curricular program for all students.  Blantyre students are provided with many opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom lessons.  The extra curriclular sports program has been designed to allow students to enhance their skill in both house league and interschool play.  There are also opportunities in the arts: primary, junior choirs, kntiting club, karaoke club, sign language club, instrumental music programs, skiing and snowboarding at Skyloft and electric band are all avalilable.  With parent and staff encouragement, it is our hope that all students will be actively engaged in activities beyond the classroom to develop social skills and lifelong interests.


We are continuing a school wide focus on improving literacy to prepare students with the skills needed in the 21st Century, expanding our literacy volunteer program, and upgrading our resources in literacy. We are also improving the numeracy skills of all our students using a variety of strategies, including increased use of manipulatives in the junior and intermediate divisions. Blantyre Public School is also providing increased opportunities for student leadership in both curricular and co-curricular activities. We will also be teaching information technology skills, including using the Internet as a viable research tool, and using information technology across the curriculum with a focus on numeracy and literacy. Students will also develop an appreciation of music through vocal and instrumental instruction; have a sense of social responsibility to self, school and community. Finally, we will help students learn to solve conflicts in a peaceful manner through extensive anti-bullying education.


At Blantyre we have many active parent volunteers who - assist with literacy development in the classrooms; work in the Library Resource Centre and as classroom volunteers - a Home and School Council which advises the school in many integral areas such as Code of Behaviour, lunchroom procedures, homework policies, sponsors social and fundraising activities - Fundraising activities in support of agencies such as: Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre , Terry Fox Foundation and Free the Children: Me to We Initiatives, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and Student Success Foundation.