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Banting and Best Public School's Mission Statement

Banting and Best Public School is one of the most northern schools in the Toronto District School Board, located near the intersection of McCowan Road and Steeles Avenue. The school opened at its current site in June 1989 with a population of 358 students. The school is named after two very famous Canadians, Dr. Frederick Banting and Dr. Charles Best, who discovered insulin in 1921.
At Banting and Best P.S., we enable students to become productive, contributing members of Canadian society by providing a balanced curriculum in a supportive environment.

At Banting and Best P.S., we enable students to become productive, contributing members of Canadian society by providing a balanced curriculum.
Approximately 75% of our students have a primary language other than English, with Cantonese and Mandarin being spoken by the majority.
Banting and Best P.S. is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school, with regular grade programming, ESL classes and a special education program. The Banting and Best Child Care Centre is housed in the school building. Our school offers the International Languages Elementary Program. This program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn additional languages, other than English and French, and to learn about and appreciate other traditions, customs and cultures.

Who We Are

Banting and Best Public School is committed to giving every child a great start in school. Here children build on the skills that they are learning at home: creativity, helpfulness, honesty, and a sense of responsibility. Our dedicated teachers and staff work together to create a school that nurtures responsibility through caring and respect. We believe that curiosity, creativity, and an interest in learning are crucial to success in school and in life. We believe strongly in the potential that each child possesses and we strive to ensure that each child reaches their personal "Best".

More Information About Banting and Best Public School

Language and Literacy

Our goal continues to be to ensure every one of our students attains a proficient level of literacy.  To this end, we offer:
- a Borrow-A-Book program
- leveled texts in each classroom
- a school focus on improving literacy scores
- a librarian to support classroom learning
- ELL, HSP and ERI programs
- balanced literacy programs i.e. shared and guided reading


Our focus in mathematics is developing skills through problem solving.  To support our program we have been working on:
- using manipulatives to support the classroom programs
- the three part lesson
- parallel tasks
- communicating thinking

Working Towards Platinum

Keeping the natural environment healthy for generations to come depends on everyone's participation. At Banting and Best, we believe that we all can play a vital role in achieving this goal. We are very pleased that we have achieved the "Gold Standard Certification" as part of the TDSB's EcoSchools program! We are working hard to reach Platinum Certification this year!

Information Technology

Preparing our students for the 21st Century is of primary importance to us.  At Banting and Best we have:
- Smartboards in our classrooms
- students have access to iPads and computer carts
- professional development for staff on using new technologies and software
- creation of a learning lab in our library with access to various technologies

Additional Features

  • Future Aces
  • After School Activities
  • Health & Physical Education Program
  • Equity Initiatives
  • Safe Schools Programs
  • Student Leadership Programs

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Banting and Best, we believe strongly that learning outside of the classroom is a fundamental part of the total school experience.  We encourage our students to take advantage of the many co-curricular activities that are going on throughout the year.  We also offer a vibrant Houseleague programme. All students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.  We are also proud of our active Student Leadership programme. Students develop their leadership skills and contribute positively to the running of the school.


Scientific and technological literacy is a focus in education systems globally. In order to develop these skills, we at Banting and Best believe, students must be provided the opportunity to understand the basic concepts of Science and Technology, and more importantly develop the skills and strategies, and relate these to the society and environment in which they live.  We are very proud of the many, varied scientific activities and clubs we offer.


"It takes a village to raise a child."  At Banting and Best, we are very proud of our strong partnerships with our community.  Some of the ways we link with our community are through: the school daycare, International Language classes, trips to our local library, parent volunteers in the classroom, and cooperative education students from neighbouring highschools.   Aisling Discoveries and Toronto Public Health continue to partner with us.  Currently our Public Health Nurse is offering parenting courses, and individual support to our students and teachers.  We continue to work with our local Police department to provide educational programs on street safety, bullying, and internet safety.  We also have a Settlement Worker to help our many newly arrived families get established and access resources in our community.