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GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

Winston Churchill offers a variety of programs to support all learners and their interests. Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute has a history of being a school that embraces all opportunities. The school prides its ability of sustaining the culture of community as well as introducing new programs that will continue to sustain high expectations. A full composite of programs (Leonard Braithwaite Program and Citi Motive) with a cross-curricular focus is implemented to meet the needs of all learners. We are forging a new legacy based that explicitly focuses on the integration of student voice in the day-to-day learning that promotes educational excellence.

The Leonard Braithwaite program offers students the opportunity to learn curriculum through an Africentric lens for their core courses. This program is credit granting and is a de-streamed model of learning to support all learners. Applications for both programs can be found on our school website. We believe in our students and their achievements, whether academic, athletic or personal. We respect their needs. We nurture their dreams.

Churchill's Unique Tech Programs

Churchill is home to the exclusive Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP), Automotive Service Technician Program. In partnership with Centennial College, this two year transition-to-work program provides specialized skills training for students who begin an apprenticeship program leading to certification in a high-skilled, high demand career, while at the same time, earning their secondary school diploma. Our construction program offers career opportunities in Carpentry, Cabinet Making and Manufacturing. Students develop the skills required to complete an apprenticeship,

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Leadership Opportunities

Being a Churchill student means becoming an active leader. Whether you want to be an editor for our school newspaper, write and direct a play, perform in our talent show, attend the annual weekend Leadership Symposium, lead equity workshops it’s here for you.  Our Super Council, run by students, has a strong voice in the school and its decision-making. 

At Churchill We Celebrate Success

Our Math and Science students continually achieve high standing in competitions such as University of Waterloo’s Physics and Pascal Math competitions.  Our athletes also perform at a high degree of competitiveness; the Football team made it to Toronto Semi-Finals and the Girl's Basket Ball team won east Toronto Division Championship.

Equity and Diversity

An equity camp enables students to take an active role in workshops. In 2009 our Churchill group “Leaders for Equity; Partners for Change” was featured in the Toronto Star for its work raising awareness around issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and ability. An inclusive curriculum and the Pink Shirt Day, April 30th, Bullying Stops Here are paramount. 

A Strong Sense of both Local and Global Connection

Our annual Cultural Connections Week is just one of our many school-wide events that fosters a global conscience. For 9 years we have raised money to send students to the Dominican Republic where they become involved in improving local living conditions. Churchill students embrace many causes; Pakistan relief, toy and food drives, Me to We, and work with the Scott Mission.

Every year Churchill students embrace the need to support their local and global communities. Through Me to We students are supporting the local food banks as well as fundraising for the installation of a clean drinking source in Ecuador. Throughout every school year the students take time to support a variety of local organizations as a means of giving back to their community.

Additional Features

  • School-wide Literacy Focus
  • After-school Numeracy Program
  • Grade 9 Leadership
  • Peer Mediation
  • Outside the Classroom Experiences
  • Locally Produced Yearbook
  • Student Success Initiaitves
  • Newly Renovated Facility

Student Life - Where You Belong


Belonging to a school which honours its students is what Churchill is all about. Staff work hard each year to make key events happen. Unity Charity assemblies, Equity and RISE workshops, our semi-formal and formal, the Grad Tea, Cultural Connections Week and a Senior Boys’ Basketball trip to Lake Placid, New York are a few of our most celebrated events. Our newest recording studio and steel drums club have made Churchill life even more exciting for its students. Churchill's Super Council now has its own, newly decorated space to meet and plan school events.  Our INTERAC club works closely with the Scarborough Rotary Club allowing students to nurture their own compassionate hearts.  Student art work decorates our library and our showcases. Our 2012 trip to Vimy Ridge will allow students to see first-hand the places where Canadians made a mark in history. Geography challenges, city writing competitions, Math and Homework clubs, International Business, digital photography and our new football team are just a few things to encourage students to follow their dreams both academically and personally. Churchill is a busy and exciting place, led by staff who truly care.


Our Hall of Fame; which celebrates the achievements of our graduates, our staff scholarships, and LEAP and ASD programs are a few of the many features that set Churchill apart. A number of groups provides students with unique opportunities: Our Grade Nine Unwind Club  helps ease the transition to highchool for our youngest students.  Me to We encourages students explore their humanitarian goals and our Cake Club allows students to experiment with cake design. Two settlement workers and our caring ESL teachers work hard to provide opportunities for our new Canadian students with trips to Toronto’s Royal Winter Fair. Our guidance counsellors and social workers help students and their families in difficulty, whether housing, financial assistance, job training or restorative justice is required. We nourish our students with breakfast, including our now famous smoothies; we feed their souls with our White Pine Reading Club, French trips to Quebec and ski trips.  Focus on Youth provides summer employment. Our involvement with the Toronto 2015 Pan Am games is our newest initiative.


Churchill proudly hosted two BBQs for parents, students and staff during its Parent/ Teacher Night in October and its Grade Eight Parents' Night in December. Partnerships with our Literacy Program, cultural and outreach initiatives all help Churchill make its mark in the community. Close connections with RISE and McGregor Park are two important examples. Our co-operative placement program offers a wide variety of work experiences in all sectors in our community, including Radio and Television. Our Job Search Program helps students find important part time and summer jobs. Our School Council meets regularly to discuss issues and plans for the direction of the school and all parents are encouraged to attend. Being connected to our community and parents is very important to us.