PHONE NUMBER: (416) 396-3365

GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

SATEC @ W A Porter Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

SATEC @ W.A. Porter CI is the Scarborough Academy for Technological, Environmental and Computer Sciences, a school with a specialized program for students who want to be successful citizens of the 21st century. SATEC@ Porter offers an innovative program that combines rigorous academics with in-depth applications of technology, computer and environmental studies. SATEC@ Porter provides a climate for structured and accountable learning with high academic and citizenship expectations for all students, including student uniforms and adherence to a code of behaviour. We offer exciting leadership opportunities with an extensive array of school organizations.

Specialist High Skills Major

The Ministry of Education granted SATEC the authority to offer students Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs in SHSM: Environment and SHSM: Information & Computer Technology (Networking). Both programa prepares students for a multitude of careers ofor all pathways (university, college, apprenticeship & workplace) allowing teens to find their passion; a key to success. The SHSM program contains a set of prescribed courses, opportunities for job shadowing and  to earn sector recognized certifications and training. Graduating SHSM students will receive a red seal on their high school diploma.

More Information About SATEC @ W A Porter Collegiate Institute

Enriched Math & Science

Commencing in Grade 9, SATEC offers enriched curriculum in math & science that embeds hands on learning relevant to today’s practices in industry with dedicated computer labs & scientific equipment. The comprehensive math & science curriculum gives students the tools for success to define their future.


SATEC is a high tech computer academy offering diverse program options in communication & design technology, robotics, Computer-Assisted Drawing/3D printing, digital music, digital art, videography, CISCO Networking & A+ Hardware & Software certification. Diverse curriculum allows students to excel and pursue their interests.

Students Travel the World

Our F1 In Schools car racing team has traveled to compete in London, England, Austin Texas,  Abu Dhabi, UAE,  Detroit Michigan,  to compete on a world stage. We have also been very successful in the UOIT Lego Robotics competitions with our grade 9 and 10's to include a victory for our all female team.


SATEC@ Porter embeds environmental curriculum in all subject areas. Our naturalized areas include the butterfly garden & outdoor classroom. SATEC@Porter has won Platinum ECOschools status for our efforts in minimizing waste, recycling, conservation and community cleanup. SATEC promotes sustainable practices and creates graduates who are environmentally aware.

Additional Features

  • High citizenship expectations
  • School Uniforms & Student Contracts
  • Fully staffed Guidance Department
  • Fully staffed Library for students
  • Platinum ECOschool since 2010
  • Naturalized outdoor learning
  • Intensive environmental focus
  • Embedded technological learning

Student Life - Where You Belong


SATEC is where you belong. We have an exciting range of leadership groups, clubs and teams.
Our  teams compete with enthusiasm and dedication to put SATEC on the map with our athletics. Our teams include Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field, Cross-Country Running, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Slo-pitch, Badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis.
Our leadership groups and clubs include the Student Activity Council,  Athletic Council, Environmental Club, Prefects, VON -Volunteer Now, Peer Tutors, Multicultural Club, Heritage Clubs, DECA, Stage Crew, Yearbook, Anime, SATEC Press, Gardening Club, Arts Club,  Debating, SASSY, Chess, SAGE,Yoga, Reach for the Top, Robotics,  and much more.
At SATEC, there is something for everyone.


Our programs are in high demand. We welcome over 1,000 students at our information sessions; we accept up to 200 new students each year to the SATEC program.

SATEC Students:
• are self-directed problem solvers
• possesses a desire to learn
• appreciate computers and digital technology as some of many learning tools
• have a positive attitude toward learning and toward fellow students
• assume responsibilities for her/his learning
• participate in learning beyond the school day
• understand the application of mathematic and scientific principles as integral parts of all SATEC programs
• demonstrates good written and verbal communication skills
SATEC sets high standards for its students in terms of academic rigor and responsible behaviour. The curriculum prepares students for university and college entrance. SATEC graduates about 250 students each year. Over half of our graduates are Ontario Scholars, achieving an average of 80% or better in their Grade 12 Year. A significant number of our students are accepted into their program of choice at University and College.


Parent Involvement:
 • Parents are actively involved in the School Council. The council meets four
times during the school year.
 • Positive parent/teacher partnerships to enhance student success and achievment.
 • Alumni Committee made up of former graduates and parents.

Community Links:
• Information Technology and Environmental Partnerships enhance curriculum and experiential learning. Partners include other TDSB schools, Information & Communications Technology and EcoCanada Sector Council and numerous industry partners.
• Student fundraising activities sponsor numerous charities such as Me to We, Sick Kids Hospital, Environmental causes, Youth Programs, and much more.
• Settlement Worker, CANTYD, Public Health, Strength Based Resiliance