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Yorkdale Adult Learning Centre's Mission Statement

Let Yorkdale Ignite Your Passion For Life and Learning
We help students 21+ earn high school credits or certification in an adult setting free of charge. Yorkdale's certification programs include Personal Trainer, Nutrition, Hairstyling, P.S.W., Childcare Assistant, Pharmacy Assistant and Co-operative Education. We offer ongoing support and many program options that recognize a student's need to combine school, work, and family commitments. Up to three credits toward a high school diploma can be earned in just 9 weeks. Our credit courses lead to college, university, Yorkdale certification programs or directly to employment. Our students are eligible for additional credits (PLAR) to fulfill the requirements of an OSSD.

Our school is a dynamic, multicultural and inclusive environment where students who speak more than 100 different languages have the opportunity to achieve personal and academic success.
The nine Essential Skills required for success in the Canadian workplace(computer use, reading text, document use, writing, numeracy, oral communication, thinking skills, working with others, continuous learning) are emphasized in all courses.

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Certificate (New!)

A new personal trainer certificate program in our new facility helps students complete their high school diploma while gaining the skills and qualifications to become a personal trainer. Courses in kinesiology, fitness, leadership, business, and co-op will prepare you in this exciting field. Courses in Nutrition are a part of this program. The Nutrition option can be a stand-alone certificate or be combined with the Personal Trainer certificate.


More Information About Yorkdale Adult Learning Centre

Coop, Business and Technology

In our technology programs, you can learn computer skills including Microsoft Office, computer networking, programming, & IT support. Computerized accounting, Web Design, and Cisco Academy are other program options. Many Business and Entrepreneurship courses are also available.

Career Co-op Programs and Accounting and Office Assistant Co-op Programs.
 Learn about growing industries and emerging career trends. Develop your resume and practice your interview skills. Gain practical work experience, expand your network and obtain an Ontario employment reference.


Yorkdale offers a great one year tuition free program. Learn the valuable technical skills and theory needed to earn a certificate. Practice hands-on skills in the classroom on fellow classmates and clients during client days. This program offers a Co-op/OYAP component in a salon where you will gain the essential skills necessary for employment.

Earn 12 credits towards your high school diploma.

Personal Support Worker and Child Care Assistant

PSW- You will earn a Personal Support Worker certificate in 27 weeks as well as nine credits toward your high school diploma.
Child Care Assistant- An 18-week program consisting of learning about the developmental stages from birth to 6 years old.  Earn six credits toward your high school diploma.

Accredited PSW program is recognized for employment.

Pharmacy Assistant

This new package (6 credits, two quads) prepares students for a career working in a dynamic pharmacy setting. This special certificate teaches students all the fundamental skills and theory required to become a valued member of a pharmacy team.

Please see for more information.

Additional Features

  • New Fitness Centre
  • Day Care
  • Social Supports
  • Specialized Coop- Accounting
  • Specialized Coop- Engineering
  • Specialized Coop- Office Assistant
  • Intramural Sports

Student Life - Where You Belong


Yorkdale Student Services provides support for our students. There are lunchtime workshops on topics such as preparing for post-secondary education, OSAP, apprenticeship, job search strategies and preparing for job interviews. Counsellors are available to assist you in charting the pathway toward the career of your dreams. We have annual career/job and college fairs. We have a Social Worker who offers private counselling by appointment on site. Topics such as mental health, harm reduction, and healthy relationships are addressed through counselling. Employers and community agencies visit to provide information on jobs and other community assistance.
We offer a wide selection of Grade 9-12 courses for all pathways as well as specialty courses/programs.


We have Wi-Fi throughout our school building. The school's Resource Centre has books, journals and computers for student use. Our on-site cafeteria has healthy and delicious selections at an affordable price. Yorkdale is located near bus and subway stops and is surrounded by great shopping and restaurants. There is a subsidized day care on site operated by the City of Toronto. An OSSD is earned after thirty credits are successfully completed. If you have been to school elsewhere, held a job, raised children, immigrated to Canada or had other learning experiences, you may apply for Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) as a mature student and be awarded up to 26 credits towards your diploma. This process allows many adult students to earn a diploma in less than one year.


There are four registration periods a year and each term lasts nine weeks. Check our website to learn the date of the next registration session. You must be free to attend school every day, Monday to Friday, two hours for each class you choose. The first class of the day begins at 8:25a.m. and the last class starts for 1:15p.m.  In the community, we have many co-op employer partners and many agency partners to support students outside of academics.