PHONE NUMBER: (416) 395-3260

GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Drewry Secondary School's Mission Statement

Drewry Secondary School is a small special needs school with a clear focus on providing appropriate academic and life skills courses for students in a safe and nurturing environment. We are responsive to the unique needs of our students, their families and the community. The curriculum addresses functional academics, life skills, a variety of employability skills and experiential learning opportunities. Drewry has small classes with extensive classroom support.

Placement at Drewry is granted through a Central Identification, Placement, & Review Committee (IPRC). Students are programmed based on their identified exceptionality.

*New* Experiential Learning Centres

 Drewry has created a number of Experiential Learning Centres or simulated  “work environments” where students will learn specific industry skills. Centres include an apartment, a business centre, an industrial kitchen with adjoining formal dining room and a green industries/landscaping centre. Every class is able to use these learning centres to build skills highlighted as potential pathways for students.   

More Information About Drewry Secondary School

Functional Literacy/Numeracy

The goal of the literacy/numeracy program at Drewry is to provide students with functional literacy and numeracy skills designed to both enhance their academic skill sets, as well as provide them with skills that are paramount to their success after high school. 

Every classroom at Drewry has an Interactive White Board. In addition, we are currently running a special program involving the use of 45 iPads. The use of such assistive technology increases students' motivation to engage in learning; provides immediate, proximal, and interactive access to visuals; allows for greater opportunities for participation and collaboration; and, enables teachers to draw on a wide range of web-based resources.  As such, there is increased access to a more varied, dynamic, interactive and multi-modal set of resources.  Furthermore, built-in assistive features provided with such technology frees the students' cognitive resources to better focus on functional literacy and numerical learning tasks.

Life Skills & Independent Living

A major focus of the school is teaching the skills for independent living. At Drewry, we have an  apartment where students can learn and practice their independent skills in a lifelike environment.    

Electives & Technological Education

Drewry students have access to a variety of interesting electives to choose from. These courses allow students to pursue their interests and passions, and explore different career options.  Electives include: Visual Arts, Aboriginal Cultures, Music(Vocal & Drumming), Physical Education, Hospitality and Green Technology.        

Experiential Learning and Cooperative Education

Drewry's Experiential Learning and Co-op programs offer students training in: job applications, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, health and safety, as well as travel training. Students can participate in our many supervised or independent work placement opportunities within the community.

The In-School Co-op Program fosters the development of transferable skills in the areas of literacy, numeracy, health and safety, and group work through a variety of authentic work experiences. Students gain experience in merchandising and sales while maintaining our school store. They also work in a kitchen, cater events, and perform a variety of office and clerical work. Our Co-op teacher visits student placements regularly, ensuring that appropriate learning and workplace accommodations are in place. Teachers work with parents and the workplace to develop a Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP) for each student aimed to help them develop the skills and confidence needed to obtain and maintain future employment.

Additional Features

  • *New* Sensory Pathway
  • TTC & Safe Transportation Training
  • Award Wining Sensory Gardens
  • Multiple Calming/Sensory Rooms
  • Advanced Assistive Technology
  • MID, DD & DHH Programs
  • Zones of Regulation & BMS Training

Student Life - Where You Belong


Come and join our many extra-curricular activities. We are a small school and we care about each other, so you will always feel welcome.
Join one of our many clubs including choir, dance, African drumming, Student Council, talent shows, gardening, visual arts, dance and cooking. If you love sports, we offer basketball, soccer, bowling excursions, swimming excursions, and staff-student sports during our lunch hour.
We value the importance of exploring the community in which we live. As such, opportunities for field trips are provided to such areas as community centres, outdoor education facilities, libraries, museums, art galleries, naturalized sites and theatres.
One of the hallmarks of our school is the fostering of community spirit. We support many opportunities for students to engage with each other such as during fundraising activities, school dances, school-wide extreme make-overs, and a variety of assemblies highlighting student abilities and celebrating student success.


Our unique school environment with small class sizes enables special education students to be welcomed in a supportive environment.
All Drewry students are accepted based on recommendations from their elementary and junior high school and special education coordinators.
We stress mental health and wellness, healthy living choices, and community engagement and involvement. We help every student and we teach them skills that they will utilize for the rest of their lives.
Our teachers and support staff work to accommodate different ability levels. We also incorporate practical opportunities for students to test their new skills in hands-on learning For those students who need extra assistance, Drewry accesses TDSB and community resources. 


Drewry Secondary School takes pride in our relationship with a number of community partners such as Surrey Place, Griffin Centre, Community Living, Best Buddies, Project Work, YouthLink, Toronto Public Health, Parks and Recreation. We offer two Open Houses each school year that provides community agencies with an opportunity to interact with the school community.
Drewry Secondary School continues to inspire student leaders through the Student Council and Eco Schools Initiative. Within the Student Council, students are involved with many community and school events such as volunteering at Cummer Valley Lodge, local elementary schools and Parents' Nights.