PHONE NUMBER: (416) 395-3340

GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

York Mills Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

At YMCI, there is a strong emphasis on academic achievement, student success and post-secondary preparation. The school has a long history of excellence in academics, performing and visual arts, athletics and community involvement.  The students and staff of York Mills are proud of their school and of their culturally diverse backgrounds.  Everyone works together to create a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, positive and respectful.  At York Mills, the staff, parents and community partners work together to support the growth and achievement of all students.


Co-curricular activities

All students are encouraged to participate and develop their leadership skills through the co-curricular program. There is a high level of student involvement in the arts, athletics, clubs and community service.  We have a huge variety of clubs (60 and growing!) and any group of three or more students can create a new club.  Our clubs include: the school newspaper, Spectrum Yearbook , Best Buddies, Ambassadors, Math, Spanish, Life Science and many more.  Join one of our sports teams, including swimming, volleyball, rugby, hockey, golf, baseball and soccer.  Meet new friends and spend time with old ones in one of our many activities!  

More Information About York Mills Collegiate Institute

York Mills Graduates will be:

Critical, creative thinkers;                                                                 
Empathetic and caring;
Socially, globally and environmentally responsible;
Knowledgeable and intellectually curious;
Accepting of all people. 

York Mills graduates will:

Have moral and ethical integrity;
Have positive interpersonal skills;
Make healthy living choices;
Have experienced and celebrated their diversity.

Les diplômé(e)s de York Mills seront:

Des penseurs critiques et créatifs;
Accommodant(e)s et bienveillant(e)s;
Responsables d'un point de vue social, global et environnemental;
Cultivé(e)s et curieux/ curieuses intellectuellement;
Acceptant(e)s de toutes les personnes. 

Les diplômé(e)s de York Mills:

Auront de l'intégrité morale et éthique;
Auront des compétences interpersonnelles positives;
Feront des choix pour vivre sainement;
Auront célébré la diversité suite à leurs expériences.

Additional Features

  • Regular & French Immersion Programs
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Academic Excellence
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Ecoschool, level Gold
  • Competitive and Intramural Teams
  • 60 Clubs

Student Life - Where You Belong


"York Mills has a wonderful, friendly atmosphere with students and teachers that care."
                                                                                                               Grade 12 student
We Are Proud To Be Titans - Regardless of your talents or interests, there is a place for you at YMCI.  Choose from our exciting selection of athletic, artistic, and musical activities.  We have a huge variety of clubs (60 and growing!) and any group of three of more students can create a new club.  Our clubs include: the school newspaper, Spectrum Yearbook, Best Buddies, Ambassadors, Math, Spanish, Life Science and many, many more.  Join one of our sports teams, including swimming, volleyball, rugby, hockey, golf, basketball, soccer and baseball.  Compete in citywide and provincial tournaments or participate in our intramural sports.  Develop your leadership skills by running for election for one of our councils: Student Activity Council, York Mills Athletic Council or the York Mills Music Council.  Get involved with other students to organize our school show or multicultural assembly.  Become a peer tutor or contribute to the community! 


Experience a school that feels like a safe village.  Our teachers care about you and listen to your needs.  Our students care about each other and the world's communities.  Join groups such as our Ambassadors Club or Eco Council.  Many other groups and organizations receive assistance both in the GTA and throughout the world because of the efforts of our students in arranging events, such as the holiday alumni hockey game and Kindness Week..  Recent efforts have assisted Eva's Place, the Daily Bread Food Bank.  All our Gr. 10 students participate in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative resulting in a charity receiving $5000.  We celebrate the multicultural heritage and sexual orientation of all of our students.  


Parents are an integral part of our school.  The York Mills Advisory Council meets regularly throughout the year and makes a significant contribution to our students from the time they arrive until graduation.  All parents are encouraged to join the School Advisory Council and attend school functions, such as parent teacher interviews, Curriculum Night and Arts and Music Nights.  Parents are asked to contact the school with concerns, questions or suggestions at any time.  Community and parent volunteers are essential in offering our wide variety of extracurricular activities.  Our Settlement workers also play a vital role in helping the school work effectively with new immigrants and their families.  In August, we also host the NOW program at York Mills, which allows students new to Canada to learn more about school in Canada before starting the school year.