PHONE NUMBER: (416) 395-3190

GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Don Mills Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

Mission Statement of Don Mills Collegiate Institute

Empower members of a global community to:  Develop life-long learning skills. Make a positive contribution to society. Create an environment of respect and responsibility.  Imagine future success. 
Our school's emphasis is on student success. This emphasis is enhanced by modern science laboratories, a library learning commons, and state-of-the-art computer labs. The use of these supports enable students to learn skills for the 21st century.  Our goal is to help all our students achieve their personal best! 

We value our Students!

 At Don Mills Collegiate there are a limitless number of possibilities when considering what to become involved with. We have extensive music, dramatic arts and athletic programs which provide many opportunities for student involvement in performances, productions and inter-school teams. We have a number of extremely active student groups including our SAC, Student Volunteers and Ambassadors. Annually, our staff support the running of more than 30 clubs based on student interests.

All of our students are invited to enjoy breakfast each morning through our Breakfast for Learning program.

More Information About Don Mills Collegiate Institute


CyberARTS is a multi-disciplinary art and technology program. This specialized program offers leading edge curriculum, which is designed to maximize student potential and achievement through a variety of expanded opportunities, which address industry standards in graphic design, video, animation, industrial design, desktop publishing, web design and visual arts.

Gifted Program

 DMCI has a vibrant Gifted Program.  In order to qualify, students must be identified by an IPRC.  All of the core subjects are offered, with an emphasis on the development of higher level thinking skills.  Our students are engaged in many challenging and exciting learning opportunities.

Emerging Green Technologies

 Our Emerging Green Technologies program allows students to explore a variety of concepts and courses. Their journey through aspects of horticulture, agriculture, forestry, design and renewable resources is augmented by industry and post-secondary scholastic partnerships.

Co-op Education / Dual Credits

 We offer the perfect cooperative education experience.  Our full semester program gives students the opportunity to gain practical hands on experience in the career of their choice.  Our students also enjoy the opportunity to gain an extra high school and college credit through our dual credit partnership with colleges.

Additional Features

  • Music and Arts
  • Athletics
  • Math and Science Competitions
  • Peer Tutoring
  • NTS Drama Festival
  • Platinum Level Eco School
  • Best Buddies (with the DD program)
  • Robotics

Student Life - Where You Belong


Have a great time in one of our many student clubs! 

Join the Drama Club and write, direct or perform in live theatre. 

If science and math are your passion, join our chemistry, physics, biology, or math clubs. Along with the busy environmental club, these groups challenge you while you have a great time. 

Practice your communication and persuasion skills by joining our debating club. 

Students may have fun in one of our social clubs, including anime, art, chess, band, and our Newcomers club. 

We offer you a great selection of sports teams including basketball, ice hockey, soccer, track, badminton and volleyball. 

If you like to express yourself, consider getting involved in our Announcement Team, Equity Leadership Club, and our annual Yearbook publication. 


We are devoted to our students and their learning.  What we do every day helps to change the lives of our students forever.  We create a world where every student is valued and is encouraged to contribute to society.
Don Mills Collegiate is an integral part of the Don Mills community.  Groups actively seek out our exceptional facility.  Whether it be our fields, pool, gymnasium or classrooms, we have some type of activity happening almost every day of the week, all year long.  Our EcoClub and Green Industry students have worked hard to create inviting surroundings.  We have created landscaped courtyards and breezeways featuring a koi pond and waterfall, with native grasses and tree plantings. We have also planted agricultural plots growing a variety of fruits and vegetables.
Come make our world a part of your world! 


Parent Involvement:
Active parent involvement and support via School Council
A number of volunteer opportunities for parents within the school community
Community Links:
Student volunteer support for local community organizations.
Mental Health and Addiction Nursing team from Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre
Don Mills Centre for Education and Training
Corporate partners who support the CyberARTS and Green Industries programs.