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GRADE RANGE: 10 to 12



Avondale Secondary Alternative School's Mission Statement

Grades: 10-12, Semestered

For over 50 years Avondale has offered an alternative vision of secondary education in the public system to students throughout Toronto.  Located in a tree-lined, established community, just a ten-minute walk from the Finch Subway Station and a five-minute walk from local bus routes, Avondale is a small, safe, family-like school with an intimate and personal feel.  At Avondale, students learn in a small, rigorous academic setting where close working relationships with staff and students are valued and celebrated.   Our vision is to create a safe and nurturing learning and teaching environment that supports optimal development and excellence across all domains. 

                       So what's alternative about Avondale Secondary?
We offer a variety of semestered academic courses, designed to prepare secondary students for post-secondary education. At Avondale, we engage in community-wide decision-making through student governance initiatives, such as 'town hall' meetings and opportunities for student initiatives.  Avondale is what we all believed school could be.

So what's alternative about Avondale Secondary?

We offer a variety of semestered academic courses, designed to prepare secondary students for post-secondary education.  Students also meet regularly with their teachers to extend and deepen classroom experiences. We engage in community-wide decision-making through student governance initiatives. 

More Information About Avondale Secondary Alternative School

Town Hall

We never doubt what can be accomplished by a small group of committed people.  The whole school is invited to meet on a regular basis, to participate in democratic discussions that affect our school, our communities and our lives.  Learn to practice and hone your democratic and leadership skills!

Experiential Learning

At Avondale Alternative experiential learning opportunities abound with many field trips held throughout the year. We have a yearly trip to Forest Valley, participate in trips to Museums and Art Galleries and participate in the Hot Docs Festival. 

Ceramics Art Course every Thursday morning

Ceramics is offered by one of our long standing Catalyst teachers. Every Thursday morning students have a studio art component. Students choose Ceramics or Crafts as Art options. We also offer a vibrant Visual Arts program during the year as well. 

Supports at Avondale

There is a full time Child and Youth Counselor at Avondale.  Students have access to a Social Worker and Public Health - Mental Health Nurse. 

Student Life - Where You Belong


You cannot be anonymous at Avondale Secondary Alternative School. We are a safe, respectful and nurturing school: we are a family. We celebrate differences and encourage authentic dialogue.  We believe that an effective school is a place where people work effectively together. In such an empowering environment, a community of learners is fostered.   Our inclusive curriculum reflects a sense of what schooling can be: less isolating, anxiety-ridden, and dull; more welcoming, engaging and inclusive with respect for all the embodied humanity of the actual people involved.  We extend our classrooms out into the world, and invite the world into our classrooms.  This explicit recognition of our global community leads us to be dedicated and committed to making the world a better place.  Come and join us in this endeavour.


Our goal is for the whole school to become a community of learners. The following strategies support this role: assimilation of new knowledge into existing cognitive structures; using students’ prior knowledge and experience to guide, focus and create lessons; recognizing that all students assimilate and accommodate differently; encouraging students to elaborate on questions and answers; searching for many and various solutions to questions and problems; multiple modes of instruction, assessment and evaluation; practising self and peer evaluation; requesting reasons and evidence; employing open-ended questions; fostering an environment where answers can be challenged and expanded; fostering student initiation of ideas; promoting students as teachers as well as learners; facilitating use of all environmental factors as sources of information (not just the teacher); encouraging students to test hypotheses; providing adequate time for each student; and, assisting students in making the connections between existing and newly acquired knowledge .


Avondale traditionally works with a variety of local and city-wide community partners. We have been a thriving part of the growing Willowdale community for thirty years, and we welcome new families and businesses to the area: let's get together!  Avondale's academic programs extend into the community, for e.g. full use of YMCA facilities for physical education.  Parents and community members are always welcome at Avondale Schools! We invite the community to share their wealth of experience and skills, both as a supplement to our programming and to help build the Avondale 'vibe'.