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Zion Heights Middle School's Mission Statement

Zion Heights MS has had a long and distinguished history of academic excellence. We pride ourselves on the diverse programs we offer to students. Zion provides special education programs (giftedness) as well as significant support for students new to Canada who are adding English to their language repertoire.

Literacy and Mathematics are the cornerstones of the school's excellent reputation. In addition, a broad curriculum-based program is offered with significant emphasis on the arts, athletics, integrated technologies, and exploratory subjects. Numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are also offered which further develops the personal and social learning skills of our students.

Our teaching staff offer and support a very exciting and rigorous program. Our Mission is to promote student success and a positive attitude by offering engaging and challenging programs that emphasize knowledge acquisition and skill development in a multicultural, safe and caring environment.
To complement our Code of Behaviour, Zion students and staff live by the “Pillars of the Pride” where we emphasize Zion Respect, Zion Kindness and Zion Pride. Pillars of the Pride reflect the attitudes and values of the learning environment at Zion that we should all strive to achieve.

Pillars of the Pride

At Zion we take pride in our school:
-We gently use the technology, gym and music equipment, and property of the school
-We leave the spaces we use in better shape than we found them
At Zion we take pride in who we are:
-We come to class with a positive mindset which we express in our speech and body language
-We act every day from the belief that each of us can solve problems together peacefully
At Zion we take pride in our effort:
-We commit to submitting our very best effort in every task at the agreed upon timeline
-We cooperate and collaborate with our peers to successfully meet our goals in a fair, equitable way

More Information About Zion Heights Middle School


Teachers empower students to think globally, tackle real life problems through inquiry based learning that encourages collaboration and communication, and 21st century learning skills in the classroom. In addition, exploring social justice themes in a learner-centered environment, using individual/group activities are some examples of Litercy initiatives at Zion.


Teachers empower students to think globally, and tackle real life problems through inquiry based learning that encourages collaboration and communication, and learning skills are enhanced using the framework of inclusive design through numeracy. Students at Zion participate in a number of math contests including Gauss, Pascal and the Waterloo Math Contest.


Transition pathways are in place for Elementary to Middle School (Gr 5 to Gr 6) and for Middle School to Secondary School (Gr 8 to Gr 9). Transition meetings are held with staff from feeder schools for all new students in Grade 6 and for students leaving for Grade 9. Our Guidance Counsellor organizes and runs information evenings that support student transitions.

Community, Culture & Caring

Providing our students with opportunities which gives our teachers a starting point to discuss social issues. Our partners from the Toronto Police Service, MADD Canada, Youth Speak, NEDIC and Skills Ontario have explored topics which include cyber-bullying, social responsibility, homelessness, body image and post-secondary pathways.

Additional Features

  • Breakfast/Snack Nutrition Programs
  • Guidance Counsellor Support
  • Integrated Information Technology
  • Spirit Days
  • After School Programs
  • Extra-Curricular Sports and Clubs

Student Life - Where You Belong


School life at Zion is always buzzing and productive. We are fortunate to have highly qualified teachers who are generous and passionate about providing the best academic programs and extra-curricular activities to help further the growth and development of our students. Zion Heights is brimming with a wide variety of activities from athletics to visual arts to musical competitions; from environmental to global issues-based clubs; from the publishing of literary excellence to competitive Mathematics and Science teams; from excursions to special presentations; and from whatever the interests our students ignite! Student leadership opportunities are always cultivated and as a result, school pride runs high at Zion!


It is the rotary subject-specific model, the programs, and the people that sets Zion Heights apart and cultivates high academic success. Our students benefit greatly from the rotary subject specific school model because of the safe environment in which they are encouraged to take risks, develop and practise behaviours of social and personal responsibility, and where they can be equipped with the learning skills necessary for future success in secondary school.
In addition to the model itself, it is the cultivation of healthy relationships amongst students, staff, parents and community partners that encourages the engagement of student learning. Zion Heights is a safe and caring environment where high standards of excellence are expected from all stakeholders and as a result, achievement is viewed as a collaborative effort. Our goal is to see an increase in student achievement, improvements in student mental health & well-being and promote student voice & choice. A shared passion for learning and school pride makes Zion a healthy and positive place to learn!


Parent involvement at Zion Heights MS is widely encouraged and valued. We have a very active School Council. Our School Council meets regularly and provides valuable assistance and advice to the administration and to the staff. Through their active fundraising efforts contributions have been made to programs at our school (e.g., buying instruments for our Music program). Halloween Pizza Lunch, Holiday Bake Sale, Cultural Lunch, ZAG Day, Parent Mentoring Sessions for our Grade 8s are among the initiatives of School Council.
At curriculum evenings and concerts we have over 90 per cent of our parents in attendance. Zion's Website: is a valuable source of information. It has links for our school newsletter, links to TDSB and the Ministry of Education as well as curriculum department information.