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Woodbine Middle School's Mission Statement

Woodbine Middle School, is a vibrant community school committed to ensuring success for all students. We strive to meet the diverse needs of our multicultural community within a positive, supportive, and caring environment. At Woodbine, the staff and students work together to create a peaceful and friendly place to learn. Rules are reasonable, easy to understand, and implemented fairly.
In order to involve parents in their child's learning, we maintain constant communication between the home and the school.
Woodbine students are challenged to reach high levels of achievement as they work to expand their skills in the areas of literacy, numeracy, problem solving, inquiry, and information processing.

Supporting Our Students

At Woodbine Middle School we are committed to delivering academic programs that promote high achievement, especially in the areas of language and mathematics.  Various partnerships within the school and community provide additional support for our students and enhance the quality of their learning.  Our extensive extra-curricular, arts and athletic programs enable students to experience real life achievement, which impacts greatly on success in the academic areas. Staff work and plan together to ensure that students succeed to the best of their ability. Extra Help is also available daily for students in all subject areas.

More Information About Woodbine Middle School

Food and Nutrition

Students explore the factors that affect attitudes and decisions about food, examine current issues of body image, and explore food marketing strategies. Students are taught to make informed food choices and learn safe food preparation techniques. They focus on the diversity of our heritages while highlighting global food issues. 

Exploring Technologies

Woodbine students have an opportunity to develop and explore technological knowledge and skills in our computer, business and design and technology programs.  Students design and create products related to the various technological areas or industries, while working with a variety of tools, equipment, and software commonly used in industry and business. 

Visual Arts

The works found in the Woodbine Art Gallery demonstrate the creativity of our students.  In Visual Arts, they are taught the elements and principles of design and the expressive qualities of various materials by using a range of media, processes, techniques, and styles.  Students use creative and critical analytical processes to interpret works of art.


"If music be the food of love, play on..." (Shakespeare)
Students can explore their musical talents in Band, Glee and Guitar.

Additional Features

  • Safe and Caring Environment
  • Dedicated Teachers
  • Strong Athletic Program
  • Engaging Extra-Curricular Programs
  • Effective Community Partnerships

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Woodbine Middle School, our diverse student population works together to support each other and the broader community.  Some examples of initiatives to support the wider community have include packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, supporting neighbourhood Food banks, Me to We initiatives, and fundraising for various charities.  At Woodbine there is something for everyone. As a Woodbine Cobra, you can join one of our many sports teams, including rugby, ultimate Frisbee, cricket, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and softball.  We also have a vibrant arts culture.  You can participate in Hip Hop, drama presentations, guitar club, talent shows, musical performances, and arts trips to Stratford, the Toronto Symphony, and the AGO.  Each February the whole school participates in an Activity day which allows students to learn beyond the four walls of Woodbine.  Students have an opportunity to explore a wide range of cultural, scientific and sporting activities that expand the scope of regular academic curriculum.  Activity days are fun days for all. 


Woodbine Middle School is a school where the nations meet. The diversity of our school population is one of the things which makes us strong.  Our students are very respectful of each other and work together for the success of all.  Our staff are committed to the well-being and success of all students, and are available to assist them in achieving their goals and dreams.  Being a "Uniform School" sets us apart from others in that our students are easily recognized and proudly wear the Woodbine uniform.  Parents appreciate the fact that their children are going to a school where their socio-economic level is not advertised by the clothes they wear.  Less decision making in the morning allows students to arrive on time, ready for the day ahead.


At Woodbine Middle School, we have partnerships with: Oriole Community Centre; Junior Achievement Program; "Kids Now!"; Foundation For Student Success; Toronto Real Estate Board; Rugby Canada and community faith groups. We view members of the community and parents as key partners in supporting and enriching the learning of all students. Oriole Community Centre and the school will continue to create opportunities for student leadership and participation through the lunchtime programs.  S.E.P.T. Project (Settlement and Educational Partnership in Toronto) continues to provide on-site counselling and assistance for students and parents who are new to Canada. School and Community Partners - interpreters, pscyho-educational consultants, social workers and the public health department are available to counsel and support students needing assistance.