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Don Valley Middle School's Mission Statement

Don Valley Middle School is a dual track school, offering instruction in English and French. We are a school with a rich diversity of cultures whose traditions, languages, and perspectives provide our students with a myriad of opportunities to interact, communicate and collaborate to achieve academic success. We offer a challenging, friendly and safe environment where students can develop not only their academic skills, but also their social and emotional skills. Our commitment to excellence, strong academic programming, rich programs in the Arts, Technology and Athletics create an atmosphere which supports our motto: "Where All Can Learn/Vivre Pour Apprendre."


At Don Valley Middle School., we modify and enrich our programs to support all students. Special Education support is available for students who bring special needs, exceptionalities and different learning styles to their learning. This support for identified students may vary from monitoring students in a fully integrated setting, to partial withdrawal for students requiring more intensive support, to full withdrawal for students in our Developmentally Delayed program. We also have an effective support system in our English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

French Immersion

Seventy countries in the world are members of the francophone community.  The French language opens doors worldwide.  Le français ouvre des portes à travers le monde.  At Don Valley Middle School, French Immersion students receive 50% of their instruction in French in a variety of subjects.  By the time they leave Don Valley, they are fluent in both of Canada's official languages.  

Core subjects:  Language, Math, Social Studies and Science are conducted in French.

More Information About Don Valley Middle School

Special Support Programs

Formal support is provided for students who have ESL, DD and HSP requirements.  These students experience specialized programs in a small classroom setting with caring teachers and educational assistants who provide individualized programming designed to build upon their strengths.  In our Language Lab, students use various software to improve language skills.


Computer labs dedicated to Grade 6, 7 and 8 students enable them to learn correct keyboarding technique as well as learn current software (e.g. Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel) in order to complete homework/assignments and prepare for the transition to secondary education and the workplace. 


Students enjoy music in various forms at Don Valley.  Vibrant Strings and Band programs are run by specialized teachers.  Morning announcements play current music while students prepare for class.  If you enjoy singing, you can join our choir.  Music Nights feature Grade 6, 7 and 8 student performers.


Don Valley Middle School has received platinum recognition from the Ontario Health and Physical Education Association for quality programming.  Specialized Phys. Ed. teachers help students develop and improve their skills in a wide range of competitive and non-competitive team sports.

Additional Features

  • Eco Club
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook Club
  • Announcers/Office Helpers
  • Girls Club
  • Morning Homework Club
  • Boys Club
  • Sport Teams/ Sport Clubs

Student Life - Where You Belong


Here at Don Valley, the fun student life begins even before the bell rings!  At half past 8, you can find friendly faces chatting in the halls, students studying in the library, or friends grabbing a bite to eat in the cafeteria.  By 8:45 a.m., students are already in their designated homerooms.  After that, everyone heads out to their next two classes.  DV provides its student body with a vast number of courses to pick from so students have the opportunity to try out and experience various subjects.  The teachers at DV also make the students' journey more exciting by providing a fine balance between fun, challenging assignments, and various interesting teaching methods. At 10:33 we have "Break", which allows time for everyone to go to their lockers, get their books for the next class, and munch on some snacks.  Lunch is from 12:23 to 1:23 p.m.  There are many activities at lunch to join.  After two more periods, the day comes to an end at 3:03.  Every day is an adventure with lots of opportunities to learn new things, have fun, and build lasting friendships.


In Grades 7 and 8, students are beginning to plan for their future.  Grade 9 students have an opportunity to choose from various elective courses to determine their interests and strengths.  Grade 9 elective courses offered:
Business - Explore areas of Business: Marketing, Finance, Production, Human Resources, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship. 
Drama - Active and creative exploration of dramatic storytelling through a variety of performances.  Students will participate in various school assemblies.
Design & Technology -  Students will use technology and computer concepts to design, develop and build in a CAD/CAM design facility.
Information Technology -  In a world of constantly changing technology, this course will prepare you for a world of business and communication that relies increasingly on electronic technology.
Music - Refine your technique and musicianship by taking either Band or Strings courses. 
Visual Arts - Learn to visually express your thoughts and ideas using unique materials and tools.


*The Learning Partnership (Take Your Kids To Work)
*Junior Achievement
*Student Fundraising for charities: Terry Fox, Food Drive, North York Women's Shelter, Royal Canadian Legion, Free the Children, UNICEF 
*An active School Council
*Curriculum Night
*Parent Workshops regarding current issues
*Grade 6 to 7 and Grade 8 to 9 Information evenings
*Arts Celebration
*Parent Volunteers
*Music Nights