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Cherokee Public School's Mission Statement

At Cherokee Public School we strive for excellence. In order to accomplish this we provide a warm, nuturing and  accepting environment where risk-taking is encouraged and success is celebrated. Each day we endeavour to give every student the opportunity to be successful and to develop a love for learning. 
Cherokee has a dynamic and knowledgeable staff who guide our students on a journey of discovery as they tackle a challenging curriculum. Every child has the potential to learn and it is our commitment to provide all students with the opportunity to achieve to their potential.

Cherokee Public School is surrounded by many residences in the north-east quadrant of Toronto.

A school's greatest asset is a close, mutually supportive relationship between the school and its community. Cherokee welcomes parents to participate in school activities and in the School Council that meets  at least 4 times a year to discuss school matters and to plan events for the school and build a deep sense of community.

Character Education Program

One of the most important goals of education is to develop and nurture responsible, caring and respectful citizens. Each month teachers focus on a different Character Trait (Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, Kindness & Caring, Teamwork, Fairness, Honesty, Co-operation, Integrity, Perseverance).  Many times, monthly activities are highlighted in the school's newsletter.  

More Information About Cherokee Public School

Middle French Immersion Program

Cherokee offers the Grade 4 & 5 Middle French Immersion program. Students begin their exploration of the French language in Grade 4 and can continue their studies until the end of high school. Students  enrolled in this program will receive instruction in French.

Special Education programs

Cherokee Public School students requiring remedial support have access to SERT support (the Special Education Resources Teacher).


Music is valued at Cherokee. All classes receive music instruction as part of their regular curriculum. 

Outdoor Play

All students are provided with 3 recess times each day.  Within each classroom is a variety of equipment that can be used independently or with other classmates.  There is a new designated area for our kindergarten students and  new basketball hoops for our junior students.  A new play area for our primary students will be completed in the spring of 2023. 

Additional Features

  • Mandarin Classes
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Safe-Arrival Program

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at Cherokee are slowly beginning to participate again in school life.  Many students participate in school wide events such as the Terry Fox Run, Bullying Prevention activities, Orange Shirt Day, Remembrance Day, Character Trait activities, Black History month, school-wide BINGO and Black History month, to identify a few.  Students are strongly encourage to have a voice and share their ideas.


Cherokee Public School is a small school and this perhaps is our greatest asset. As a small school we enjoy the benefits of a close knit community of staff, students and parents. Cherokee is a warm and nurturing environment. Teachers know their students, and the students of other classes. 


Parents are involved in the school through School Council.  Parents are invited to attend several events over the course of the year, events such as Meet the Teacher Night, the Welcome to Kindergarten presentation and special celebrations.