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Tumpane Public School's Mission Statement

Tumpane Public School first opened in 1951. It expanded to include the French Immersion program in 1985. Tumpane Public School provides programs that support and reflect the initiatives of the Toronto District School Board and the Ministry of Education. Our goal is to provide a well-balanced curriculum that provides our students with the knowledge and skills for life-long learning. We ensure that all students have equitable opportunities for success. Tumpane Public School is a dual track school offering both English and French Immersion programs. Students attending the English track reside in the Jane Street and Wilson Avenue communities. Students enrolled in our French Immersion Program hail from 16 different schools within the TDSB.

French Immersion Program

French Immersion is the most intensive of the French as a Second Language Programs offered by the TDSB.  Senior Kindergarten is the only entry point into our French Immersion Program. Instruction in Senior Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 3 are completely in French.  English is taught for approximately one hour per day in Grade 4 and for approximately seventy-five minutes per day in Grade 5.

More Information About Tumpane Public School

French and English Teams

Tumpane P.S. is a dual track school.  This means that we offer English curriculum from JK to Grade 5 and French curriculum from SK to Grade 5.  All teachers are on a grade team.  Each team is comprised of English and French teachers who meet monthly to plan together.  As we refine our Critical Learning Instructional Pathway, teamwork is essential to successful programming.

Special Education Process

The Special Education Process at Tumpane is a very clear and consistent process that provides teachers with input and timely support for students.  A student profile is completed every three weeks by teachers and parents are contacted.  Once the profile is complete, the special education team meets with the teacher and programming needs are identified and implemented. 

Playground Activity Leaders

Playground Activity Leaders are students in grades 3-5.  This initiative is co-sponsored by our Physical Education lead teacher and Toronto Public Health.  P.A.L.'s was created to provided students with leadership oppportunities as well as a variety of activities for outdoor play.  You can see P.A.L.'s in action every Friday at lunch wearing  their red vests!

Child Care Centre - Montessori Program

Tumpane Child Care Centre offers high quality care with the main focus on providing a safe, educational and supportive environment for all Children enrolled. We serve children aged 18 months to 12 years of age.  We put great emphasis on providing a unique opportunity for Children to develop socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively.

Additional Features

  • Tumpane Song
  • French Immersion Program
  • French and English Teams
  • Special Education Process
  • Playground Activity Leaders
  • Child Care Centre - Montessori

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Tumpane, we work hard, we work smart and we work together for success! That is our motto and we believe that if we plan our work and work our plan, we will be successful.  Our success will be measured by how well our students achieve and by how well they feel we have cared for them.  Students at Tumpane, whether in French or English, feel that Tumpane stands for them! We embrace the diversity within our student body and we celebrate the multilingual, multicultural student body that defines our school.   We place a strong emphasis on character development and we recognize students for demonstrating positive character traits during our monthly assemblies. Other examples that suggest that students are at the heart of our work are illustrated in a variety of ways such as: students are responsible for delivering the daily announcements, if they are members of the A-team, they are responsible for helping to maintain safe play while outdoors. We have a reading club, recycling club, arts and crafts club, keyboarding and many others that also include basketball and soccer. Every day and in every thing we do; we want our students to realize that Tumpane is an exciting place of learning.


Tumpane is a warm and inviting school but we believe what sets us apart from other schools is our collective commitment to use Guided Reading as the most effective teaching strategy to address student achievement in reading. All classrooms have materials to support guided reading: a small group instruction binder, rolling bins, q-charts, six steps to guided reading posters and levelled book bins. We are committed to ensuring that all students have regular opportunties to improve their reading skills through small group instruction. Additionally, small group instruction in reading allows teachers to meet individual student needs through differeniated instruction. Teachers focus on developing a variety of reading behaviours such as fluency, vocabulary, decoding and comprehension. Students quickly begin to apply these reading strategies when asked to read independently. As a school, we ensure that there is a balance of whole group and small group instruction within the components of a comprehensive literacy program. Finally, this model is driven by timely assessment practices.


- Public Library visits - Community volunteers who assist in regular classroom programs - Collaboration with community agencies including the Public Health Department; Parks & Recreation; Metropolitan Toronto Police Department; Hincks/Dellcrest; Adventure Place; Seneca College; York University - Use of community resources including Roding Arena; Heathrow Park; Local Firehall - A Parent Lending Library consisting of educational books on parenting, discipline, etc. available to Tumpane parents - Community access to computers and the internet - Delta Family Resource Centre - - - - An active, involved School Council - Regular parent volunteers who assist in the library and in classrooms - Family Math & Literacy Iniatitives - Welcome to Kindergarten Bag Program - - - - - -