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Stilecroft Public School's Mission Statement

Stilecroft Public School is located in the Grandravine community just west of Keele Street between Sheppard and Finch Avenues. The school opened in 1962 with 160 students. To accommodate the demands of an increasing student population, an addition was built in 1969. The school now serves approximately 310 students representing almost 30 different language groups. Almost half of the students speak English as a second language. Stilecroft is a composite school providing a positive learning environment for students, ages 18 months to adult. The school accommodates several integration programs for students with developmental disabilities and other learning exceptionalities.

We offer a diverse variety of learning opportunities to our students so they are transformed into a life long learners. Our belief that all children can learn has lead us to provide rich experiences to our students through Visiting Artists, Scientists in the School, Trips and Learning through the Arts Program. We endeavor to implement a Healthy Eating Program shortly.                 

Stilecroft Public School Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a positive, safe, and inclusive learning environment that fosters a curious mind, inspires the love of learning, builds self confidence, encourages all students to respect self, others, and the environment that empowers them to excel to their full potential.
             Stilecroft Code of Behaviour
I come prepared to learn; I speak nicely; I respect and help others; I follow all the rules; I keep my hands and feet to myself.

More Information About Stilecroft Public School

Special Education Programs

A variety of Special Education Programs and Services are offered at Stilecroft to meet the needs of all students including students with exceptionalities such as communication, autism, and multiple learning disabilities. Students' exceptionalities are identified through a formal review process undertaken by an Identification, Placement, Review Committee.

We have three self - contained Special Education Intensive Support Programs  at Stilecroft; one Kindergarten Diagnostic classroom, one Primary DD class, and one Primary /Junior DD class.. Our students follow the goals in their individual education plans, and they are exposed to all the subject areas and are provided with the opportunities to have all the learning experiences to achieve success.

A School With Character

Our objective is to foster respect, cooperation, team building and acceptance of each other. Stilecroft is a Future Ace School and believes in fostering the traits of Character Education among our students daily. Our staff and students are engaged in having in-class discussions around safe learning in order to continue fostering a positive school climate on a daily basis.

Our objective is to foster respect for each other through team building and cooperation in sports teams, clubs and award assemblies. Our monthly assemblies represents the theme of the month that represents one of the character traits that is incoporated in the class instructions. We strongly believe in respecting each others' values and acceptance in a very wide way.

Reading For the Love of It

Reading is part of our daily instructional program. Our Reading Recovery Program offers support and help to our grade one students so that their struggle with reading can be identified at an early stage and can be corrected on time.

The goal of Reading Recovery is to teach grade one students to become successful readers and writers. It helps students to develop effective processing strategies for reading and writing in order to reach average levels of classroom performance. It is a way of reducing children's literacy difficulties within an education system.

A School With Difference

We have integrated the use of technology in our daily lessons. Our Student Ambassador representing the Student Council are capturing the moments  of the school activities by using the digital cameras.  Our grade five students are using the TEL to access their assignements. The use of Interactive Smart Board is an addition towards the advancement of technology.

Through the extensive use of technology, the objective is to help our students move forward in the areas of technolgy. Our computer lab is equipped with Clicker 5 system and the extensive use of multimedia is incorporated into our classroom lessons. The use of interactive Smart Board, Mobile Laptops and I-Pads encourage our younger learners to become more technology experts. This provides leadership opportunities for our students to celebrate their success at Stilecroft. 

Additional Features

  • Safe & Caring Environment
  • Literacy & Numeracy Tutoring
  • Learning Through the Arts Program
  • Roots of Empathy Program
  • Intervention Program
  • Intramurals and Sports Program
  • Reading, Math & Computer Clubs
  • Choir Groups & Music Festivals

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Stilecroft, we provide extensive support to student leadership opportunities. They are involved in many extra curricular activities and student initiated activities groups. The Stilecroft Ambassador Program involves grade 4 and 5 students in taking many leadershiop roles including the morning announcements, hallway safety patrolling, door monitors, supportive hands in the kindergarten classrooms and office helpers. We encourage our studets to participate in various sports related activities including the volleyball and beachball team, soccer, track and field and intramurals. At Stilecroft, we are fortunate to have the Learning Through the Arts Program and Roots of Empathy Program that involves students to understand and relate with the experiences and internalize the value of empathy through their classroom experiences. Our Choir and Math Goups meets once in a week after school and plans to attend the Music Festival to celebrate their successes.


At Stilecroft, we foster an environment that demonstrates respect for all students, staff, parents, visitors and special guests. Majority of our students live in the neighbourhood and our special needs students are bussed. We also have partnership with Police and Fire Departments and are fortunate to incoporate Scientist in the Classroom program into our Science Curriculum at various grade levels. We have encouraged all parent community and volunteers to be part of our school life and participate in all the activities of our school lives. We do believe in celebrating all the cultures and our monthly themes are reflective of our diverse culture that we represent. Stilecroft believes in open door policy where every visitor is treated with respect and dignity and is attended and listened with care and respect. Our school is surrounded by the caring neighbours who are very vigilant about the safety of our students. Stilecroft represents a village of committed staff and parents where each of us is committed in raising our valuable students by providing them with the right learning tools.


Multi-agency involvement: Adventure Place, Dellcrest, Downsview Senior Services, North York Community Care Access Center, Baycrest Centre, Adult ESL Center; Student and community volunteers from local middle schools, secondary schools, universities and faculties of education, after school programs, Grandravine Community Center,Homework Club - Urban Diversity Program, Faculty of Education, York University, CASA Verde involvement, Roots of Empathy Program School Council with parent members - School Community Events-B.B.Q., Craft Night,Conerts, Food/Clothing Drives,Terry Fox Run, Pizza Lunches, Cookie / Freezies Sales, Parent volunteers in classrooms, Parent volunteers who assist with fundraising and school trips - Community Links with agencies i.e. Hinks -Dellcrest, Metro Police, Fire Department; Streetproofing Smart, Parent Group Meetings etc.