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Shaughnessy Public School's Mission Statement


Welcome to Shaughnessy Public School!

At SPS, talented teachers, support staff and families work together to set high academic and social standards, and to encourage personal bests throughout the community.  We embrace the size of our intimate school community as an opportunity to build strong, familial interpersonal connections, focus strategically on school-wide goals, and 'grow' school safety organically through a network of supportive relationships.  At Shaughnessy, we know, and are known by, one another.


Shaughnessy Public School is located in the tree-lined heart of the Henry Farm community. Established almost a half-century ago on the farm lands of former Ontario Premier George S. Henry, SPS embraces, and is embraced by, local families and community groups. SPS is also home to Shaughnessy Child Care, a division of Upper Canada Child Care Centres, and hosts monthly Henry Farm Improvement Association meetings.

Small school population = big-time engagement

We believe that school environments that are characterized by strong, familial relationships where community members recognize one another by name are powerful learning spaces. We believe that this is a sure path to community safety.  Students that feel safe and known perform better academically and mature with confidence within a supportive web of relationships.  Parents and community organizations work as fully engaged partners with SPS to build something really special here on the old farm lands.

More Information About Shaughnessy Public School

Strength in diversity

Students, parents and staff at Shaughnessy reflect the powerfully diverse face of Toronto's multi-ethnic communities.  While there is no dominant national or language group at SPS, our families represent a global cultural quilt, and bring tremendous resources and diverse perspectives to school life. 

Big Ideas at the heart of programming

We believe that every SPS student can have, and deserves, access to the Big Ideas of the Ontario Curriculum.  Through carefully crafted and differentiated instruction, our expert teaching and support staff invite the children of this community into an inspiring and exciting relationship with the Big Ideas of language, the arts, mathematics and the sciences.

Commitment to Inclusive Education

Shaughnessy is home to the only grade one to eight learning continuum for students on the Autism Spectrum in the TDSB.  Our intensive support program students benefit from supportive relationships nurtured over a period of years, and engage with the whole school population through multiple classroom integration opportunities and schoolwide activities. 


As a certified Platinum Eco-School, SPS works hard to reduce/conserve, reuse and recycle throughout the school environment.  Our Eco-Team tirelessly reviews and revises school practices to meet high standards of Eco-responsibility. 

Additional Features

  • multiple athletic opportunities
  • drama, theatre, music, and dance
  • student leadership opportunities
  • focussed program supports
  • professional learning communities
  • highly engaged School Council
  • friendly and welcoming school tone
  • high academic & social expectations

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at SPS love coming to school every day (at least if measured by hugs, high-fives, smiles and first names respectfully used.)  Leadership opportunities abound for older students; all children are matched with supportive learning buddies; our amazing teaching and support staff expect that all children can learn, and work tirelessly to differentiate programs to bring this expectation to life.  Students act, sing, dance, study, play, perform, problem-solve, debate, dialogue, share, paint, calculate, experiment...and enjoy.


Shaughnessy Public School is the kind of learning environment that we all knew that school could be. 


Shaughnessy PS enjoys a mutually supportive relationship with Shaughnessy Child Care, the Henry Farm Association, Police Division 33, and a number of other community organizations and associations. Shaughnessy Public School is supported by a dynamic and diverse group of community volunteers who work in classrooms, on committees, and as members of community consultation groups.  Shaughnessy's School Council is an active body comprised of parents/guardians and other community members. This Council meets monthly to consider school initiatives and direction, and to coordinate support for students and staff.