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Claude Watson School for the Arts's Mission Statement

Arts Hearts & Minds
Claude Watson School for the Arts is a specialized program spanning Grades 4 - 8. CWSA offers an enriched arts education for students within the City of Toronto who have an interest in music, drama, dance, and the visual arts. Students pursue studies in all four arts disciplines. The goals of the school are to enrich and accelerate aesthetic development; to stimulate creativity and original thinking; and to create an enduring respect and passion for learning within a climate of artistic and academic excellence. The school program links with artistic resources in the community, maximizing the growth of the student through exposure to practising artists.

Entrance into the Claude Watson School for the Arts is by audition. An information evening for parents of children wishing to gain entrance to the program is held in the fall. The school maintains two classes per grade with an enrolment of 30 students per class. The academic program follows the Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines. An extended school day allows for an enriched artistic and academic education. Students divide their learning time between the arts and academics. This requires self-discipline and dedication. Our students come from every area of the city and we are very proud of them!

Holistic Education

The students divide their day between regular academic classes and an exceptional arts program. In this environment, the arts become a language of experiences in a program that develops the creative potential of artistically talented students.
The goals of this school are to enrich and accelerate aesthetic development, to stimulate creativity and original thinking, to nurture the visual, aural and kinetic senses and to create an enduring respect and passion for learning within a climate of artistic and academic excellence. Teachers implement program using a Multiple Intelligences approach.

More Information About Claude Watson School for the Arts


Traditionally Claude Watson students meet curriculum expectations with great success. To maintain this high standard of achievement teachers pursue a focus on language skills, infusing  the academic learning with use of the arts. Students and staff employ a Multiple Intelligences approach, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of subject material.


Mathematics is an another area of strength in our students.An investigative approach in grade 4 enables students to work with manipulatives to develop basic skills before moving on to more abstract concepts. By grade 7 and 8 students are exploring concepts that could lead to pursuing maths and sciences speciality programs in secondary schools.


Claude Watson students excel in many areas and our graduates select a variety of programs at the Secondary level. Many choose to stay with the Arts yet a significant number determine to pursue full academic programs such as I.B., or  specialized maths and science programs where they continue to use creative problem solving skills.

Community, Culture and Caring

Opportunities to give back to the community at large form a significant component of the lives of students, staff and parents. Student performance groups respond to many requests to support social agencies and activities. In addition our students participate in a variety of Clubs and organizations helping with fund raising and donations.

Additional Features

  • Enriched Arts Curriculum
  • Extra-curricular Activitites
  • Sports and Athletics opportunities
  • Green Schools Initiatives

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at CWSA have many opportunities to become involved in activities relating to the Arts, academics and athletics. There is a Student Council as well as a student graduation committee. In addition students participate in social justice activities through which they commit to many worthwhile social causes. Extra-curricular activities provide extended learning opportunities in all arts disciplines. These groups and clubs often become involved in competitions and performances beyond the regular program thereby providing experiences that both stimulate and challenge the students who participate. This includes a variety of dance groups, musical groups both instrumental and vocal, as well as drama groups.


The Specialized Arts nature of the school is what distinguishes our program. Through the various types of dance, students develop their body’s flexibility, strength, agility, rhythm and coordination. The dance curriculum includes theory, technique, composition, presentation and an understanding of the culture of dance. The focus in drama is on communication, creativity, self-discipline, cooperation and leadership. Drama carefully integrates selected theatre skills into a program incorporating role playing, improvisation, creative movement, mime, presentation, script work and problem-solving. All students participate in vocal and instrumental music involving sight and ear training. Skill development includes individual as well as group work. Visual arts presents students with a progressive and sequential set of art experiences that enable the children to acquire skills and techniques. They learn about colour and design, drawing, painting, printmaking, fabric arts, sculpture, computer graphics, as well as art history and appreciation of works of art. 


CWSA maintains links with a number of Arts organization such as the Canadian Opera Company and the National Ballet Company and often enjoys partnering for special projects. Staff and students participate in many outreach projects and we often welcome visiting educators from other provinces and other countries to observe our program in action.
Our School Council provides a monthly forum for parents and community to gain insight into events and programming at the school. There is also an opportunity for parents to participate in workshops and seminars on topics of mutual interest. Parents become involved as volunteers in many ways including planning and hosting social events and fundraising activities that help everyone get to know one another. CWSA is a very busy place!