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Roywood Public School's Mission Statement

Roywood Public School is a vibrant learning community in the York Mills/Victoria Park area. The school first opened in 1963 and an addition was built in 1971.
At Roywood Public School, we believe that students and staff are entitled to a safe, caring, and stimulating learning environment, where respect for self, others, and the environment are as important as academic learning.  An important aim of the school, therefore, is to help students develop self-discipline so that they can become productive, mature, and responsible members of society.

Special Education Programs

A variety of special education programs and services, such as two Developmentally Delayed classes, resource support, and a Home School Program, are offered to meet the needs of all students, including students with exceptionalities, such as behavioural, intellectual, physical, and multiple learning disabilities.

More Information About Roywood Public School

Literacy Initiatives at Roywood Public School

-Scheduled blocks of time for Literacy instruction every day
-Media Literacy skills are explicitly developed
-Students are involved in reading initiatives such as "Blue Spruce/Silver Birch"
-School-wide celebrations of writing: Author's Day and Poetry Cafe
-Roywood Rockets Reading Club support, led by teachers and volunteers

Numeracy Initiatives at Roywood Public School

-Scheduled blocks of time for Numeracy instruction every day
-A well-stocked Numeracy Room filled with concrete materials and textual resources to support the teaching of mathematics
-A collection of manipulatives in each classroom for regular student use
-Math is taught through Problem Solving, with a focus on learning to communicate clearly.

Eco-School: Silver Level

At Roywood, we promote ecologically-sound practices.  In order to reduce our 'footprint', we turn lights out when they aren't needed. We also have recycling bins all around the school and we encourage all students to bring litterless lunches.  We opened an Outdoor Classroom, with stone seats nestled in a grove of new, large trees.

Community Connections

Roywood has partnered and/or continues to be partnered with the Ontario Science Centre and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Toronto on various initiatives to support students in small group and individual settings.  As well, our school is partnered with a philanthropic local business to support our character education initiatives.

Additional Features

  • Visiting Artists/Authors
  • Early Reading Intervention Program
  • Scientist-in-School Program
  • Build Character, Build Success Prgm
  • Track and Field/Houseleagues
  • Lego Robotics Club
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters programs

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students at Roywood are actively engaged in their own learning.  While Literacy and Numeracy learning are our priorities, we believe that our students should become well-rounded individuals.  To that end, we offer extra-curricular activities throughout the year that range from choir to sports teams to various lunch-time clubs. 
We promote character education, not only through curriculum content, but also during our everyday interactions.  While we teach all ten character traits of the TDSB Character Education initiative, at Roywood, respect for self and others is explicitly promoted.  We foster self-esteem and self-worth in all who enter our school, and we regularly recognize positive contributions and behaviours within our school.
Students at Roywood also have access to a variety of resources to help them succeed.  Among these resources, we have a wonderful Resource Centre (Library) that now houses a full lab of 25 computers. We also offer the Levelled Literacy Intervention program in grade 1. Further, our Student Leadership Team organizes school-wide spirit and fundraising events that support community needs.


At Roywood, our staff members are well established in their profession, with many of our educators remaining with us for over a decade.  This promotes a team approach to teaching our students, and a caring familiarity between staff and students.  We rejoice in the fact that we all, including our Office Administrator, Educational Assistants, and Teachers, have watched our students develop into energetic and enthusiastic young adults. 
We distinguish ourselves by being a small, close-knit community of staff, students, and parents.  We invite parents and community members into our school as volunteers and  "Mystery Readers". We also actively encourage all parents to become part of our School Council. You are always assured of a friendly smile or kind word when you enter our school.
They say "It takes a village to raise a child."  Welcome to our 'village'!!


Volunteers from the community who assist in the classes
-Community Police Officers and Fire Fighters promote safety awareness
-Faculty of Education Students learn and teach with our experienced teachers
-Roywood Childcare provides convenient quality childcare
-Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto
-Tutors in the Classroom
-Volunteers who assist in the classroom, coaching and on field trips
-A School Council who meet regularly to advise the Principal, consider school issues and plan fundraising