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Rockford Public School's Mission Statement

Rockford Public School opened in 1964 and was expanded in 1998 to include additional classroom space, a new Resource Centre and a new gymnasium. Rockford offers 31 classes, from Full Day Kindergarten to Grade Six. In addition to our regular English Program, we also house the Early French Immersion program from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Our School Mission
 "At Rockford we believe students should receive a balanced and integrated program based on Active Learning. This program should be challenging and designed to meet the unique needs of our community. Students are encouraged to work individually and cooperatively to attain and to achieve success in a warm, nurturing environment."

Community Links:

Community groups use our school facilities on a permit basis to hold meetings and events; OISE/University of Toronto, York University, Seneca College program partnerships; 
Toronto Public Health; 
Community Police Officer;
Settlement and Education Partnerships in Toronto, a partnership of the Settlement Service sector and the Toronto District School Board, serving the settlement needs of our community.

More Information About Rockford Public School

Parent Involvement:

School Council meetings planned for the school year are held monthly. School Council meetings are held in the evenings, from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. on specified dates, with child minding provided.

Community & Safe School Highlights:

We model and teach desirable behaviours. We continue to implement the Safe Arrival Program. We work with parents to understand Safe School practices and expectations. We integrate Character Education within the curriculum and celebrate our Character Education values during monthly assemblies.

Math Highlights:

We are working to refine our mathematics program in Kindergarten to Grade 6 with math manipulatives for every classroom. We are using the Focusing on the Fundamentals of Math with the Guides to Effective Instruction in the Expected Practices Mathematics to improve student achievement.

Information Technology:

We integrate information technology into the curriculum. We offer ongoing staff development through school-based workshops and modeling of instruction of computer skills (appropriate use of the Internet, dual platform programs).

Additional Features

  • ECOSchools
  • International Languages
  • Parent Involvement
  • Guitar Club
  • Family Math Night
  • Primary and Junior Choirs
  • Chess Club

Student Life - Where You Belong


Rockford - Where Every Child is a Star!
We offer a variety of exciting extra-curricular activities. Our Arts-based clubs include drama, guitar and choir, many of which culminate in school-wide performances. Students can also take part in athletics activities and participate in intramural games.
We also proudly teach students about empathy. We partner with charities. This gives our students the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Students are continuously learning to make the right choices as part of our TDSB Character Education program.


Literacy Highlights: We continue to improve our Literacy Resource Room with a variety of literacy materials (levelled readers, novel sets) to support instructional practice. We continue to use the Literacy Assessment Profile to track student growth in reading and writing. We have visits from practising authors of rich texts. We engage in collaborative inquiries to increase instructional capacity. We use the Observation Survey in Kindergarten, the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) in Grade SK-3 classes, use of the CASI Reading Assessment in Grade 4-6 classes, Alpha-Jeunes in French Immersion Primary, and Les Trousses d'evaluation Diagnostique en lecture Junior. We ensure that the Learning Resource centre is available to all students on a regular basis for research, writing, and reading support widely promote oral language development via participation in class retells, school-wide assembly presentations, external public speaking. We promote the integration of technology in the reading and writing programs in the classroom.


School Council meetings planned for this school year:
School Council meetings are held on specific days in the evenings, from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.  Community groups use our school facilities on a permit basis to hold meetings and events. OISE/UT, York University, Seneca College program partnerships. Settlement and Education Partnerships, a partnership of the Settlement Service sector and the Toronto District School Board, serving the settlement needs of our community. A coordinated volunteer program assisting in classrooms and in the Learning Resource Centre.