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Pelmo Park Public School's Mission Statement

Pelmo Park Public School is situated on the edge of Pelmo Park, where students enjoy a spacious playground. Our school first opened in 1951,(there have been two additions, which occurred in 1954 and 1971 to accommodate our increased enrollment).

The Pelmo Park Public School community consists of the area surrounding the school and the area east of Jane Street, between Queens Drive and Maple Leaf Drive.
In addition to our programs from JK to Grade 5, we have two Autism Transition Programs and a Home School Program.  We are a two Administration school, with 19 teachers and 13 support staff on site.


As part of the TDSB, we value:
  • Each and every student
  • A strong public education system
  • A partnership with students, staff, families and our community
  • The uniqueness and diversity of our students and community
  • The commitment of our staff
  • Equity, Innovation, Accountability, and Accessibility
  • A safe, nurturing, positive and respectful learning environment

At Pelmo Park Public School, we are committed to building a "culture of trust" that allows all of our students to reach their maximum potential.
Our "culture of trust" means:
  • All students feel safe and valued
  • All students are encouraged and supported to take healthy risks
  • Growth is celebrated

More Information About Pelmo Park Public School

21st Century Learners

To support our students to become 21st century learners, teachers are committed to incorporating technology into daily lessons.
We have a partnership with Wiz Kid Coding, to equip our students with skills required to succeed in our fast changing world, such as coding, game development, robotics and drones. 

Sports Clubs

Pelmo Park's commitment towards sports clubs is very rich. Students will have an opportunity to try-out for soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track & field.  All clubs are tournament based, however some of these teams may go to the board level (West TDESSA), where students expand their skills, with other schools.


Steam is an educational approach to learning that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.
Pelmo Park students have been participating in many STEAM challenges, such as building robots. The grade 4/5 students have participated in an 8 week program with Wiz Kids Coding. 

Community Connections

Pelmo Park is committed to connecting with our community.  We invite parents to join us at our monthly School Council Meetings, to voice their ideas and concerns.
We are planning community programs, throughout the year, such as Literacy/Math Nights, Community Potluck.  We would enjoy hearing your thoughts on how to support our students. 

Additional Features

  • Dance-a-Thon
  • Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Pizza Days
  • Jump Rope for Heart

Student Life - Where You Belong


- Use assessment data to bring all students' achievement up to provincial standard
- Engage parents as partners, through a clearly defined homework policy, Curriculum Night, Family and Numeracy sessions, and Junior Kindergarten Parent Information Sessions
- Provide rich learning tasks with a focus on differentiated instruction and descriptive feedback
- Increased use of manipulatives, concrete materials, hands-on activities and technology
- Anti-bullying programs, safe arrival and dismissal
- Library and classroom resources reflecting our diverse community
- Report Cards/EQAO/DRA/CASI data to improve student achievement
- Celebrating Student Success
- Extra Curricular clubs during recess and lunch
- Theme days to build school spirit
- Ensure a safe and secure environment for all students and staff


- Welcoming and warm learning environment for students, parents and staff
- Staff willingness to try new initiatives and teaching strategies
- EcoSchool
- STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) initiatives
- Robotics, with a focus on coding
- Early identification for all struggling students 


- Hincks-Dellcrest Children's Centre, Geneva Centre, Surrey Place, Adventure Place
- Storybook Daycare
- Welcome to Kindergarten (Parent Focus Group/Welcome to Kindergarten Bags)
- Active and supportive School Council
- Joint parent-staff participation in a variety of programs, such as Family Reading, Family Math, Homework Policy, Take Home Reading Kits
- Fundraising through pizza lunches to support school initiatives
- Parent volunteers on school trips
- Parents input on the school budget, staffing, and the school improvement plan