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Pierre Laporte Middle School's Mission Statement

Pierre Laporte Middle School is located on Wilson Avenue between Keele and Jane Streets.  The school was built in 1973 in memory of Pierre Laporte, a former cabinet minister of the Quebec government.
Pierre Laporte MS currently serves approximately 400 students in a multiracial, multicultural environment.  We are a regional centre for students in Gifted and Behavioural programs.  As well, we welcome approximately 30 students a year into our English as a Second Language program.
At Pierre Laporte MS, teachers focus on ensuring that each student reaches his or her maximum potential.  We work to produce confident students with strong academic and social skills. 


  • Arrive to school and classes on time and be ready to learn
  • Follow PLP’s dress code
  • Bring required materials  and school work to class
Positive Communication
  • Use appropriate language with everyone at school
  • Encourage others and be a good listener
  • Be engaged in classroom activities
  • Respect and cooperate with others in a positive way
  • Exhibit self-respect by recognizing one's own dignity or value

More Information About Pierre Laporte Middle School


77% of our grade 6 students achieved level 3 and 4 in reading, while 82% of our grade 6 students achieved at level 3 and 4 in writing. By the end of this school year we would like to see our literacy achievement continue to increase by intentionally focussing on Comprehensive Literacy.


38% of our grade 6 students are achieving level 3 and 4 in EQAO. We would like to see our student performance in Grade 6 Math match or exceed the Board results. Based on report card data, we would like to see our students increase their achievement by 5% in all math strands.


At Pierre Laporte we are focussing on students who are achieving Level 2 or below and determining which supports are needed. We are doing this by looking at the following data:  Report Card Data, At-Risk Forms, Attendance, CASI scores, IST Referrals, EQAO, DRA, CAT-4, Data Walls, Guidance Referrals and Office Referrals.

Community, Caring and Culture

In order to support our students' emotional and social needs, community and staff have come together to deliver various programs.  Some examples include Pride in Action, Student Council, End the Stigma, office helpers and various sports activities.  Staff also help to plan special events including literacy and math days and other parent information sessions.

Additional Features

  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Grades 7 & 8 Instrumental Music
  • Home School Program & Language Lab
  • Visual Arts & Talent Shows
  • Multimedia Learning Resource Centre
  • Various Sports Programs
  • Design & Technology /Family Studies
  • Eco School - Gold Level

Student Life - Where You Belong


School routines and culture are based on the positive belief that all students have the right to learn in a safe, respectful and caring environment. To foster this belief, our teachers are committed to knowing our students personally and academically and delivering interesting and relevant lessons that require and develop critical thinking skills in all areas of the curriculum.
Our students have demonstrated a commitment to learning and achieving both in and out of the classroom. Many students are actively participating in a variety of teams and or clubs such as intramural sports, tournament sports, track & field, cross country, choir, yearbook, art, eco, talent shows, morning announcers, servery support, and office helpers. 
In addition, students at Pierre Laporte MS have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by participating in Pride in Action, Girls' and Boys' Clubs,  Ambassadors and Student Council. Many of these leadership groups work in conjunction with outside organizations that support our school wide vision.  We are pleased to have a positive environment where student ownership is realized daily. We take pride in every stride and are proud to be PLP!


At Pierre Laporte, we believe that it is important to use differentiated instruction to create powerful and inclusive learning environments that reflect all of the different types of learners in our classrooms. Throughout the school we work to foster leadership in our next generation. Pierre Laporte is a diverse learning community that caters to a spectrum of needs to ensure the success of students having varying skills and abilities. We realize that teaching is as much about motivation as helping students understand how the curriculum affects their daily lives. We realize that not all students learn in the same way, therefore it is important to ensure the use of different learning strategies to meet the varying need in our classrooms.  


School Volunteers, Toronto Public Health, OISE Faculty of Education, York University Nursing Students, Trails Youth Initiative, Child Development Institute, and Junior Achievement are just some of the many community groups who work with our students at Pierre Laporte Middle School.
On Career Days, we involve local businesses which provide workshops to our students on diverse careers such as engineering, graphics design, animation, law, and construction trades.
The school also works actively and regularly with community agencies such as Hincks / Dellcrest Centre who then works with students and their families.
Students take part in fundraising for many community agencies, including the Heart & Stroke Foundation, an annual food drive and the Terry Fox Run.