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Muirhead Public School's Mission Statement

Muirhead Public School is a wonderful school with great students, staff and parents!   Muirhead is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5 elementary school located in the Pleasant View community.  It is a busy school with  special education and regular programs. Muirhead has been open since 1968 and serves approximately 200 students who represent several language groups and countries.
At Muirhead, we pride ourselves in excellence in education and high academic standards.  As a whole school community we provide the best opportunities for our students. 

The school is immaculate and is designed around a beautiful central courtyard.  It is composed of regular-sized classrooms and two open concept teaching areas.  We have a huge outside area with a baseball diamond, soccer field and playscape.  We also have a kindergarten play area and an outdoor classroom in our courtyard.

High Standards

At Muirhead the staff ensure that students are engaged in rigorous learning activities.  They are focused on having students think deeply in order to better understand complex ideas and concepts.  The staff are actively engaged in professional learning activities focused on instruction and assessment strategies that are most effective to improve student achievement.  At Muirhead, there is a focus on balanced literacy and numeracy programs for all students to become strong, independent and adept at higher level thinking.

More Information About Muirhead Public School

Muirhead's School Community is Healthy and Active!

At Muirhead we are committed to leading a healthy and active life.  Every student has physical education every day. Our goal is to provide a wide range of activities to improve the health of our school community.  We are pleased to offer a wide range of activities and programs to ensure that our students have the opportunity to be active every day.

We ALL Belong!

At Muirhead we strive to build a better community block at a time. We believe that a brighter tomorrow for everyone begins with each one of us today.  The children at Muirhead come from many different countries and they have diverse learning needs.  The staff work tirelessly to create a school that is safe and caring so that all students feel like they belong.

Continuous Learning

The staff members at Muirhead strive to build a community of learners through professional dialogue, intensive study and reflection on high yield teaching and assessment practices.  We are continually striving to achieve success.  The staff are committed to continuous learning and finding ways to support the diverse needs of the students. 

Thinking Ahead to The Future of our Students

At Muirhead, our students will learn about the nine Essential Work Skills that are critical as they journey from school to the world of work.  No matter what career pathways our students choose,  they will have the important skills necessary for success. These skills will ensure that the students are able to adapt to new career situations.

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Muirhead we are committed to providing students with the opportunity to become the very best people they can.  We want our students to become young people who are critical thinkers, who have a highly developed character and a strong connection to the school community.  The students are very proud of their school. 
The children see Muirhead as a place where:
·Everyone belongs and all students are equal;
·Children are nice to each other;
·The teachers are kind and help them to learn;
·There is a warm and peaceful feeling;
·They learn something new every day and where learning is fun;
·Everyone is dedicated and committed to learning and improvement;
·The library is expansive and well equipped with diverse reading materials;
·There are great extra-curricular programs for every child.


Muirhead is a dual track school with extraordinary students, a dynamic and innovative staff, and engaged and dedicated parents.  Our small school is responsive to the needs of the school and global community.  At Muirhead we are proud of the strength of all members of the community. 
Top Five Reasons why Muirhead is a Special Place for Teaching and Learning

·Dedication to Continuous Learning;
·Environmentally Conscious with Go Green initiatives like Boomerang Lunch and Community Clean up;
·Staff demonstrate empathy, understanding and compassion as they strive to build a better community for students;
·The school is sparkling clean and welcoming to all;
·Small and close knit school community


Muirhead has very active parent and community involvement which includes, but is not limited to the following:   Student nutrition program: featuring a morning meal that our volunteers make for our students; Visits to the public library, community centre, and skating arena; Regular contact with a community officer from the 33 Division of the Metropolitan Toronto Police (e.g., Safety education provided through the police force);  Fundraising for a variety of charitable organizations (e.g., Jump Rope for Heart, Terry Fox Walk); Transition program for children entering junior high;  Strong and highly involved School Council with strong community links; Regular parent volunteers working throughout the school.