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McKee Public School's Mission Statement

McKee Public School, completed in 1998, is located just south of Yonge St. and Finch Ave. in the expanding Yonge St. Corridor. We are adjacent to Mitchell Field Community Centre.  We offer programs for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5.  McKee P. S. currently serves approximately 700 students and is diverse in its makeup.  McKee McKids offers daycare programs for our students and a nursery program for preschool children.  From its inception in 1927 to its present period of rapid growth, McKee P. S. has always maintained a community focus.  McKee P. S. is a wheelchair accessible building.    


Focus For This School Year

Our mission is to create a welcoming, enriched and safe environment for students, staff and the community, to empower all children to flourish and reach their full potential.  
We value and promote the following:
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving;
Global Citizenship and Character;
Collaboration and Leadership;
Creativity, Inquiry and Entrepreneurship.
Our school code of behaviour is;  Be Safe, Be Fair, Be Kind, Be Healthy, Be Environmental

More Information About McKee Public School


At McKee,we are dedicated to providing a challenging program for all our students. Each year we develop and follow a School Improvement Plan with a focus on Achievement, Mental Health and Well-being. 



Our Mathematics Programme encompases 5 strands including; Number Sense and Numeration, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement, Data Management and Probability and Patterning and Algebra. Problem Solving is woven throughout the 5 strands. An emphasis is on hands-on learning.  We offer both enrichment and remediation math clubs.


Community, Culture and Caring

We value our over 200 volunteers and co-op students. We enjoy a partnership with Public Health who provide a Mentorship Program. We are an OISE and York U. teacher education site. Settlement Workers on site provide support for our newest Canadians. Earl Haig students partner with our teachers to provide a math tutoring club. McKee McKids Enrichment Centre offers childcare.


Welcome to Kindergarten

For new parents entering Kindergarten, our Kindergarten team hosts a daytime event to inform and educate our parents about our program. 


Additional Features

  • Active School Advisory Council
  • Welcome Back BBQ
  • Skating at Mitchell Field Arena
  • Welcome To Kindergarten Event
  • Prologue Theatre Presentations
  • Scientists in the Schools

Student Life - Where You Belong


McKee provides extensive opportunities for our students to participate in a rich variety of extra curricular activities.  Our Physical Education Programme is enhanced by extensive co-curricular activities such as:  cross-country, track and field, baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and dance team.  There are many leadership opportunities for our McKee students.  They can be prefects, school ambassadors, hall monitors, kindergarten helpers, library helpers and peer mediators.  Clubs for origami, art, chess and computers are very popular with our students.  Parents can go to our McKee website, to access newsletters, pod casts and classroom websites.


McKee fosters a love of learning and the development of the whole child.  Students are exposed to the Arts through Prologue Theatre, Choir, Recorder Club, Dance Club and Art Club.  Many cultural celebrations at McKee honour our diverse community.  All of our students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 participate in an annual Musical Performance.  Healthy living is an important part of the curriculum at McKee.  Our Grade 5 students experience authentic outdoor challenges during their 3 day stay at a TDSB Outdoor Education Centre.
Our Character Education Programme is showcased in monthly assemblies that reflect student accomplishments.  Students at McKee care for their environment.  Many students participate in the Eco-Kids club.  Staff and students have all embraced a positive eco-culture and we are proud of our accomplishments in becoming a certified Platinum Eco-School.


Our close association with the McKee McKids Enrichment Centre, our cadre of community volunteers, our teacher candidates, and our Earl Haig co-op students all contribute to providing a rich and varied program for our students.  We have over 400 students attending our weekly International Language Classes. Through Continuing Education we offer classes in: Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Farsi and Hindi.  McKee Public School has a dedicated School Council that strive to represent the diverse school population.  Traditionally over two hundred parents volunteer their services to the school in a variety of ways (library assistance, etc.).  Fundraising for McKee is ongoing throughout the school year and puts a focus on community events such as pizza lunches, Welcome Back Barbeque, and Dance-a-thon.  Our School Council has funded a number of enrichment activities for our students.