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Denlow Public School's Mission Statement

Denlow Public School is a Kindergarten to Grade 5 school located in the York Mills community.  The school first opened in 1970.  Denlow serves 370 students representing over 20 languages. Approximately 20% of the students speak English as a Second Language.
Denlow Public School is a triple track school in that we house a regular program, a junior Gifted program and a junior French Immersion for Grade 4 and a Grade 5 Extended French program.  The gifted and French programs draw from the wider community.  We also house Denlow Child Care, a community based program.
There is a school website where parents can access, calendars, extra-curricular activities and to learn more information.

The Whole Child

At Denlow Public School, we believe in helping to develop the whole child. We focus on the following areas: academic excellence, the arts,  health and physical fitness, student leadership, citizenship, extracurricular activities and clubs.

More Information About Denlow Public School

Academic Excellence

Over the years, Denlow Public School has been recognized for a Fraser Institute Award for Excellence in Education.  Our students score very well on the EQAO tests in both literacy and numeracy.  Such success can be attributed to the continual hard work of students and staff and the partnership with our parents.

Student Leadership

At Denlow Public School, we believe that student leadership is critical. Student leadership opportunities such as safety patrollers, ambassadors, morning announcers, ecoschool reps, library monitors, etc., are a few examples of what we offer to turn all of our students into great leaders. 


Denlow promotes good citizenship, sharing and caring through a variety of community outreach projects. Students take part in a Fall and Spring Food Drive, Pass It Along, Jump Rope for Heart, and the Terry Fox Run.  Students also assisted with fundraising for both local and global initiatives.  

Athletics and Clubs

Students are given many opportunities to participate in a variety of athletic teams, such as, cross-country, track and field, volleyball, and soccer. Students also enjoy participating in a variety of clubs; choir, running club, jump rope, library monitors, robotics, Forest of Reading, and ecoschool reps.  

Additional Features

  • Laptop/iPad, Interactive whiteboard
  • Math and Geography Contests
  • Music Festivals
  • Character Education
  • EcoSchools
  • Concours D'art Oratoire

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Denlow, we believe that a positive school culture is an important criteria for an effective learning environment. We have embraced the Ministry's Character Education development initiative and have infused it into the life of the school. 
We provide learning experiences which help students become well-rounded learners for life. Learning instruction includes a full-time music teacher, a health and physical education teacher, and a teacher librarian.  Other learning experiences include class trips and school-wide performances. 
Our extra-curricular activities offer additional opportunities that meet the many interests of our students.  We also value the importance of daily physical activity and encourage our students to utilize all aspects of our playground.  
As we understand the value a healthy diet plays in learning, we offer a daily milk program and students have access to a lunch program.  We also encourage parents to send snacks and lunches that follow the Healthy Food Guide.  


At Denlow, our focus is on the learning of our students.  Staff collaborate to develop strong literacy and numeracy based programs for our students.  Ongoing staff development in literacy and numeracy instruction and a collaborative staff culture lead to an aligned curriculum and rich programming in our classrooms.  Staff meet on a regular basis to plan and jointly assess student work.
Staff work to develop a partnership with parents in order to support the learning of our students.  We focus on identifying students' strengths and needs and providing appropriate support to help them succeed.


Denlow's School Council provides dynamic program support and fundraising activities to enhance the education of our students as well as extend school spirit and citizenship. 
Parent volunteers assist in classrooms with Scientist in Schools, field trips, and more.  They assist with special events like fundraising for help in the world; donations to TDSB Schools; Pass it Along; and Kid Like Me Campaign.  They organize spirit events like the Welcome Back BBQ, Halloween Bingo, Fun Fair, and more.     
Collaboration with community partnerships include: Faculties of Education, International Language Programs, Metropolitan Toronto Police programs for elementary students, and more.