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Gracefield Public School's Mission Statement

Gracefield Public School is located north of Lawrence Avenue on Gracefield Avenue near Black Creek Drive. The school was built in the 1950s.  Gracefield Public School serves students that represent a rich diversity of cultural, linguistic and ethnic heritages.  Our families place a high regard on education, and support Gracefield's commitment to ensuring excellence.
We believe in each individual's right to an education in a rich, authentic, inclusive, safe and secure environment, where everyone is respectful of each other and property.  Gracefield  promotes achievement, confidence, empathy, and service.



Home, School, and Community Partnerships

Our goal is to develop and sustain a positive working partnership between home and school. This initiative led to the development of a range of activities including parent workshops, resources, involvement of community agencies and working with staff to enhance partnerships with parents. Workshops and activities were developed in collaboration with parents and reflect their interests (i.e. Community Safety with Toronto Police Services, Gracefield Celebration Night).

More Information About Gracefield Public School

Student Achievement & Well-being

We are committed to enabling all students to be successful and all teachers co-operatively plan assessment, evaluation and delivery of curriculum in Professional Learning Teams. Our Literacy and Numeracy Resource Rooms and expanded library resources support teachers and students in their learning through use of hands on manipulatives, visual aids and assessment tools.

Success For All Students - Closing the Gap

Gracefield also offers special support, such as: Differentiated Instruction in the classroom, Resource Support for ELL, HSP support in Gr. 4, 5, Dental Screening and Vision/Hearing Clinics. These partnerships enable us to identify and meet the needs of our diverse student population.


Folkfest provides students with the opportunity to celebrate diversity through dance and promotes community involvement and celebration. Folk dances from around the world are taught and performed. Gracefield founded the North West Folkfest in 2009. It was attended by 150 students from 6 schools along with supporting parents, administrators, teachers and the community.

Student Support

Reading Recovery: A one-to-one program for Grade 1 students to improve their language skills .  Early Reading Intervention: A one-to-one program for children. identified as “at risk” in their reading, writing and spelling development.  MART/SERT: Small group support for students in both language or mathematics.

Additional Features

  • Itinerant Music Teacher
  • Faculty of Education Partnerships
  • Extracurricular Opportunities
  • Full Day Learning Inquiry

Student Life - Where You Belong


Gracefield P.S. has a dedicated and innovative teaching staff that continues to engage students in everyday learning. Their collaborative practices allow them to build and strengthen positive relationships with students, teachers, administration, parents and community partners. Students are provided with many opportunities to develop their leadership skills and their interpersonal social skills through the following activities:
 Reading Buddies, Future Aces Student Leadership, Announcement Leaders, Recognition Assembly Coordination & Participation, and MORE!


Partners in Action: Our Tech Lab, Learning Resource Center, and Smart Boards are used extensively in this integrated learning program. Teachers plan together for a teaching partnership of six (6) weeks. Students visit the library and the lab everyday to work on a cross-curricular project. At the end of the block of time the students complete a culminating project. Students learned to research both on the computer and from books. Some examples of Culminating Activities include authoring posters that explain why we should buy locally grown produce and creating commercials selling ancient Greek and Medieval products. Primary students have created graphic novels that focus on the environment; and created a slide show with music, to demonstrate the seasons.


Gracefield is very involved with a wide variety of Community Agencies and programs. Partnerships include: the Settlement Program, various Faculties of Education, York University Faculty of Nursing, Amesbury Library and Community Centre and the TDSB Co-operative Education Program. These special programs bring a real diversity of expertise to our staff and students. As well, the School Council actively supports these school initiatives and parent volunteers assist on a variety of school trips, as well as in the classrooms.  Parents and community volunteers operate the school's morning meal program and assist with Bake Sales and Pizza lunches, as well as other fundraising initiatives to support students, and both our local and Global communities.