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Gracedale Public School's Mission Statement

Gracedale Public School is located in a neighbourhood that borders on the Humber River as it crosses Islington and Finch Avenues. Opened in 1964, Gracedale P.S. currently serves its local community, as well as the former local school communities of Whitfield P.S. and Bluehaven P.S. There are approximately 550 students from J.K. to Grade 5, representing 42 countries around the world and over 25 languages at our school. About 80% of our children were born in Canada. Gracedale P.S. offers space and resources for both after-school recreation and regular day school programs which reflect community and curriculum needs.


We are pleased to announce that as of September 2023, Gracedale will be starting a French Immersion program for the JK year.  Every year we will continue to add another year till we have reached Grade 5.  

Using Technology to improve Student Achievement

We have increased access to Wifi and are purchasing new computers, digital projectors, mini iPads and laptops for technology carts which students can access.  Our teachers are engaged in professional development to integrate technology into their classrooms. Our teachers are using Smart Boards, Promethean Boards, Laptops and iPads to deliver their lessons.  Our students use technology as a tool to increase their learning.  

More Information About Gracedale Public School

Eco Schools PLATINUM Certification

 We have an outdoor classroom on our school grounds. We have a recycling program for recycling paper and composting food waste. 

Healthy Nutrition Program

We have a nutrition program for all of our students which includes a healthy morning meal from three food groups. 

Special Education Programs

Our special education staff work closely with our classroom teachers to ensure that our children's needs are being met. 

Me to We Group Initiatives

Called ‘Me to We’, this group which is comprised of students who strive to make a difference in a Global way by organizing food drives to support our community. Their efforts brought in 240 lbs of food which was donated to the North York Harvest Food Bank.

Additional Features

  • International Languages Classes
  • Spirit Days
  • Cooking Workshops for parents
  • Character Education
  • Pre-Employment Workshops for parent

Student Life - Where You Belong


At Gracedale Public School, students are involved in a variety of activities.  As a part of our Eco Schools initiatives, we have a recycling program and our students participate in Earth Hour, Earth Day and Clean Toronto Together activities. 


Gracedale is one of the largest K-5 schools with a diverse student population. We offer a morning meal to our students everyday as a part of our nutrition program.  We have after school International languages (Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujrati and Vietnamese) classes. We have visiting artists and performers who come to our school for special assemblies.


- Partner with School Settlement Worker and Model Schools Support Worker to organize workshops for the parents including Yoga classes, Cooking classes, Employment and Leadership workshops, CPR and First Aid Training, and How to Prevent Fraud workshop
- Class visits to the Humber Summit branch of the public library
- Co-op students from Emery Collegiate and Thistletown Collegiate 
- Parks & Recreation - share facilities and provide after-school activity programs
- Forest Valley outdoor educational experiences
- Parent volunteers
- Healthy snack program
- Partnership with Delta Resource Centre