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Glen Park Public School's Mission Statement

 École Glen Park Public School is located south of Lawrence Avenue, just west of Bathurst Street. The school was constructed in 1998. Our facilities are very much "state of the art" with air conditioning, a huge gym with a partitioned lunchroom and kitchen for our Breakfast Program. Currently our enrolment is approximately 480 students who are representative of families from a tapestry of cultural backgrounds. As a dual track school, French Immersion (JK entry point) and English programs are offered from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. We believe that our school should provide a learning environment where staff and students enjoy learning and growing together in an atmosphere of safety, pride and encouragement.

Our greatest contribution is to be sure that every student feels valued and that positive relationships between the home and school are created so that together we can be successful. Our goal is to foster students who are responsible, compassionate and productive citizens.
Quality programming is provided by classroom and specialist teachers in French, music, library, the arts, and special education. Please feel free to navigate our website at to see a snapshot of our school.


Since 2007, Glen Park has been involved in the TDSB Toronto Schools on the Move (TSM) program. As a member of TSM, we embed healthy living and nutrition into our daily schedule. Glen Park offers several organized school teams such as: cross country, track and field, basketball, ice hockey, soccer and volleyball. We also have more informal programs like floor hockey and dodge ball. In February, all of our students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity to go ice skating once a week. We also are committed to Daily Physical (Activity DPA).

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Through the generosity of our volunteers/staff, and with our partnership with the Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS), Glen Park offers both a Breakfast and a Morning Snack Program. 
We suggest a monetary contribution that can be paid throughout the year to the families that can make the donation to the program in order to offset some of the costs.

Special Education

In order to best meet the needs of our students, the special education team meets regularly to discuss/plan with parents/guardians and make suggestions. A team of professionals including a social worker, special education consultant, school psychologist, speech and language pathologist, principal and vice principal work together with families to make a difference. 


Glen Park values the contribution of all members of our diverse community of students, staff, parents and community groups to best meet our students' needs. We believe that equity of opportunity and equity of access to our programs, services and resources are critical to the achievement of success.

Our Student Council engages in social action projects in order to encourage all students to become globally aware citizens. Social justice is embedded into many subjects and areas of school life.

Media Literacy/Library

The architect who designed Glen Park, ensured that our library would serve as the school's centre. Our library is a vibrant, busy location where several activities, in French and English, proceed simultaneously. With the access to SMART boards, portable internet devices and digital equipment, we have been able to create a direct link between the library and media literacy.

Additional Features

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Student Life - Where You Belong


Student life at Glen Park is quite dynamic. We strive to provide our students and families with academic, athletic, artistic, technological, and social opportunities in order for every student to achieve to their utmost potential.  We emphasize character education through our daily announcements, weekly student recognition and monthly Future Ace assemblies.
Glen Park also supports a number of opportunities which enable students to connect to a variety of areas of interest such as Girls' Club, Boys' Club, Kilometre Club, Eco-Club, Belly Dancers. Students also have an opportunity to engage in Nuit Francophonie as well as other school wide events such as the Winter and Spring Concerts and the school play.


What sets us apart is our dedication to Global Education. Over the course of the past four years, our school has been involved with "Right to Play," "Me to We" and the Argos Huddle Up Anti-Bullying Program. Glen Park also holds an annual production of Underground Railroad. The school community has also raised money to help build communities in Kenya, bring clean water to parts of Ecuador, assist schools in China and get athletic equipment to needy children around the world. These endeavours create invaluable opportunities for our students to become more knowledgeable global citizens. We have celebrated our involvement in these tasks by having the entire student body create dramatic, lasting works of art (murals, mosaic and an Indigenous tapestry) which are prominently displayed and are enjoyed by the entire community. Most recently. Most recently Glen Park has been involved in the "Taking it Global" initiative to incorporate the use of technology on a global scale and classes have joined the Global Read Aloud in which students from all over the world are connected by literacy.


Our school benefits in a number of ways by our significant parent/guardian and community involvement. Our Public Health Nurse and Community Liaison Police Officer support staff and students. Parents/guardians assist on field trips. The Glen Park School Council raises significant funds for the school and also organize many events that galvanize the community. One of the many examples of this the fundraising is for our Kindergarten Yard. Our Voluntary Literacy Program encourages intergenerational volunteers to read with a student every week throughout the year. Our Winter Classis is yet another example where staff partner with volunteers to provide this opportunity to our students. A very special To volunteer in such a way allows our parents/guardians to make a tangible difference in our students' educational experience as it definitely takes a "Village to Raise a Child."