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Avondale Public School's Mission Statement

Avondale Public School and Avondale Elementary Alternative School are innovative schools that have provided high quality education for students across Toronto for over 25 years.

The west wing of the Avondale campus has embraced many identities over the past twenty years, transforming from a local community school into a Board-wide natural science museum.  In September 2002, the west wing was officially re-opened as Avondale Public School (K-gr.8) serving the local community, and has blossomed into an exciting and engaged learning environment.

We are Avondale Public School!

Avondale Public School, serving the Yonge-Sheppard area, is an ever growing neighborhood school with a fresh outlook on community-based education. Our enthusiastic and talented teaching staff deliver programs that infuse the Ontario Curriculum with energy and relevance. The Avondale community embraces the concept of 'multi-age learning'. Students often work together in family groupings within multi-grade classrooms. In this setting, relationships between students, staff and parents are deepened and strengthened over a number of years.

More Information About Avondale Public School


Avondale Public School supports students at risk in literacy and continues to improve student achievement in reading and writing. We are also building our significant library collection, including graphic and multilingual novels, and increasing our student facility with computer literacy digital citizenship.


Avondale Public School is improving student achievement across all strands of mathematics with a special focus on problem-solving.  Collaborative inquiry in mathematics, and across the curriculum, as well as STEM are key components for staff development and teaching and learning.  


Avondale Public School will continue to grow our strong music program, including classroom instruction and school wide productions/concerts.  We have an active physical education program and have different sports teams for both boys and girls that compete in tournaments.

Kindergarten Innovation

Avondale Public School's full day kindergarten is an exciting place and fulsome approach to early childhood learning. Our many new kindergarten spaces are busy places with play based learning as a focus of the program.

Additional Features

  • Partnered with several Universities
  • Outdoor Education Trips
  • Community Fund Raising Events
  • Family Involvement in Community
  • School Council
  • Cross-grade/school Projects
  • Junior and intermediate ski days
  • Exceptional athletics programming

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students are engaged in literacy and numeracy learning across the curricula, building concrete connections and links between subjects and areas/topics, and drawing original conclusions as they apply new understandings. Students are exposed to the Arts in an ongoing theme at Avondale: our students observe, create and animate musical productions, dances, visual and performance-arts pieces, dramatic exercises, and more! Avondale students experience the world up-close! Out-of-classroom experiences and classroom guest experts bring relevance and concreteness to the Ontario Curriculum. Student process is valued at Avondale. Students take risks, bravely experience unfamiliar territory, estimate and plan, problem-solve, and trouble-shoot, and reflect on their new understandings.


Each year Avondale Schools develops a unique School Growth Plan that identifies and addresses the particular needs of its students. Both schools share a common site and a philosophy of community and relationship-driven education. Avondale Elementary Alternative School caters to the independent and engaged students who seek a safe, family-oriented environment that values multi-age learning and out-of-classroom experiences. Avondale Public School serves the needs of our local Yong-Sheppard community, with special focus on the needs and strengths of our diverse student population with innovating programming, and multi-age learning in the school setting. Together, we are Avondale Schools, a multidimensional site where the "Students First" philosophy is embraced, and where teachers, parents and students bring learning to life.


Avondale Public School is proud to serve the needs of children and parents in our local Yonge-Sheppard community. We invite the community to teach us, to learn with us, to help support us through fund raising events and community celebrations, and to embrace this school by visiting frequently and becoming meaningfully involved.
We encourage parents and community members to become involved, as volunteers, guest experts, field trip supervisors, event/fundraising organizers, or as member of our dynamic Avondale Schools school council. Research consistently bears out that parent involvement and student success go hand in hand
So get involved and have fun with your kids!