PHONE NUMBER: (416) 395-2430


Flemington Public School's Mission Statement

Flemington Public School is diverse in origin, united in achievement. The school is located in the Lawrence Heights Community, north of Lawrence Avenue, west of Bathurst Street. The school opened in 1958 and has a diverse student population, representing many different languages and cultural groups.

  • Approximately 260 students representing many different languages attend the school. More than 60% of our students have a primary language other than English.

Flemington offers:


  • Primary and Junior Home School Program
  • ESL Program
  • Junior Behaviour Program
  • Diagnostic Kindergarten Program



Model Schools Initiative

The fundamental underpinning of the Model Schools initiative is that it is essential to support both students and their families within the context of their school community. Funding is given to provide opportunities for families which would not be available to them otherwise. For instance through this initiative many parents and their children went to the zoo, Ontario Place and the Science Centre. For some families, this was their visit to these places.  Focus is placed on supporting the unique needs of students in inner city neighbourhoods to achieve fairness and equity and foster an inclusive culture.

More Information About Flemington Public School

Parent and Family Literacy Centre

At Flemington Public School we have a very active Parent Literacy centre in the school building. Parents and children attend sessions regular and interact positively to build a strong relationship and develop basic literacy skills.

Arts for Children

Artists from Arts for Children offer workshops about painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Students are very enthusiastic about expressing themselves in various mediums and excitedly share the actistic creations they have desigmed.

Inclusive Schools Initiative

As an inclusive school we strive to ensure all feel safe and welcome within our school community and  foster a climate of respect and acceptance. Students are exposed to culturally relevant curriculum and encouraged to develop effective critical thinking skills. Children see themselves reflected in the curriculum and resources utilized in the classroom and school.


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Additional Features

Student Life - Where You Belong


Our student council will be organizing many exciting activities throughout the year. We have planned some spirit days and in April we are going to run a  mini Olympics event. Students will be able to have lots of fun. 


We have have various clubs such as,  drama, art, reading and You Got Dance. We will have lots of opportunity to participate in different sports such as basketball, hockey, and track and field. as the year progresses.


Our school participated in the Terry Fox run in the fall to raise funds for cancer research. We asked every classroom to donate what they could and we know our contributions will make a difference. Many students donated generously to this cause.


We focus on giving students the life skills they need to be successful within a global community. Programs such as Playground Activity Leaders in the School and a multitude of extracurricular clubs and activities provide students with plenty of opportunity to utilize their talents and skills.
Students have been exposed to presentations such as, "Stop Punching, Judy, the Concerned Kids, and Earth Rangers" to reinforce the importance of caring for and being respectful to others as well as the environment. 
We are a very diverse community and focus on creating a culture of inclusiveness in which all are welcome. 


Agencies, Corporations and Community Members which support the school:
Scott Mission Clubs, Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre, North York Community House, Partnerships with educational institutions - Ryerson, University of Toronto, York University, George Brown College, Community volunteers who participate in the Reading Angels Program and assist and in the Nutrition Program , Barbara From Library, Toronto Foundation for Student Success, Temple Sinai, Investor's Group, Heart to Hand, Show Kids You Care, Ace Bakery, FoodShare and Toronto Foundation for Student Success, President's Choice Children's Charity,  Life to Link Seminars, Breakfast for Learning, Parent Council, Parent volunteers who assist in classrooms, library and on field trips